Diving Masks, Flippers and Other Diving Equipment


Masks, snorkels, flippers and other diving equipment are used for safe fishing under water. More than often, they are used just for spending some time diving - whatever you do, be safe. Water is not natural element for humans and many divers get injured or even die every year due to many circumstances. Once more, be safe.

Also, to get more information about diving, feel free to check Bowfishing and Spearfishing articles (links open in the new windows).

Please note that we do use affiliate links toward various other sites, mostly Amazon. That doesn't mean that we would write a good review of something that we feel is worthless - we write what we think and our readers should draw their own conclusions. After all, if like something, that doesn't mean that others will like it - other way around, if don't like something, there is always somebody somewhere that will like that piece of equipment.

Reviews and recommendations of various masks, flippers and other diving equipment can be found below.

tilos-neoprene-fin-socks-mTilos Neoprene Fin Socks are thin and light diving socks suitable for diving in light currents; also works well for keeping feet warm in other conditions - great liner for hiking or hunting boots.

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