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deep-sea-fishing-rod-trollingFishing tackle or fishing equipment, fishing gear, rigs etc. is equipment needed to catch a fish - simple as that :o)

Without proper gear, fishing is often impossible. On the other hand, luck is often much more needed and that can't be bought in any store.

But, chances favor prepared ones :o)

daiwa bg 5000 spinning reel mdaiwa bg 8000 spinning reel mDaiwa BG Spinning Reels is the next generation of Daiwa's very popular BG spinning reel series.

BG spinning reels series ranges from ultralight freshwater reels to heavy big game saltwater models: BG1500, BG2000, BG2500, BG3000, BG3500, BG4000, BG4500, BG5000, BG6500, and BG8000.

shimano stradic fk spinning reelShimano Stradic FK Spinning Reel is high-quality and reasonably lightweight spinning reel ideal for inshore fishing. Shimano Stradic FK design is based on previous Shimano reels, but it is improved in several important details. Also, it comes in 5 different size models, suitable for many occasions.

pflueger president spinning reel 1mPflueger President Spinning Reels are group of several Pflueger reels, that come in different sizes. They are very durable and affordable units, and one of the most popular, affordable spinning reels on the market.

shimano-tiagra-vs-shimano-talica-mShimano Tiagra and Shimano Talica reels are group of heavy duty, strong and durable drag lever reels that come with a nice price tag. They are offshore fishing reels designed for any blue water fishing scenario fishermen can encounter. Except perhaps bait fishing.

okuma eel prerigged lure mOkuma Fishing Tackle Savage Gear Real Eel Prerigged Slow Sinking Lure is a eel-like lure which comes in several sizes and colors. It is prerigged lure with a top hook and bottom treble hook, suitable for fishing various medium to large predatory game fish like striped and largemouth bass, musky, cobia etc.

gerber lmf ii mGerber LMF II Infantry, Survival and ASEK knives is a group of several, very similar knives, suitable for fishing and many other outdoor activities like camping, hunting and similar. Also, these knives are excellent gifts to all outdoor enthusiasts. They are strong and reliable outdoors tools, tested in very harsh conditions, even by military personnel.

ka bar becker bk7 mKa-Bar Becker BK7 Combat Utility Fixed Blade Knife is an affordable, high quality, survival/utility knife, excellent as main knife for any outdoor enthusiast. Ka-Bar Becker BK7 is multipurpose knife, capable of cutting, filleting, chopping, light digging, slicing etc. Knife is not too large, nor too heavy, but when in hands, it feels strong, sturdy and durable.

kastking royale legend baitcasting fishing reel 1mKastKing Royale Legend Baitcasting Fishing Reel is light weight and low profile baitcasting reel, with excellent and improved design, it is very affordable and liked even by people who prefer spinning reels. It is suitable for saltwater fishing, too.

blizetec 5 in 1 knife 1mBlizeTec Survival 5-in-1 Tactical Pocket Folding Knife is a palm size, versatile and affordable survival tool, great for many occasions like fishing, camping, hiking, hunting and for any outdoor activity. Even if you are not outdoor enthusiast, but want to be prepared for emergencies of any kind, BlizeTec Survival 5-in-1 Tactical Pocket Folding Knife is a great choice.

penn battle II spinning reel 1mPenn Battle II Spinning Reel is very popular, saltwater spinning reel which can be found at very affordable price. Penn Battle II Spinning Reels come in several sizes, weights, maximum drag settings, gear ratios and capacities, so anyone can find a perfect match. Reels are suitable for monofilament, fluorocarbon and braided fishing lines, thanks to the rubber gasket, which helps keeping braided and other slippery lines from - slipping. It is one of the best-buy spinning reels on the market in their price range.

plusinno telescopic spinning rod 1mPLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod is very popular lightweight spinning rod. It comes in several sizes, suitable for saltwater fishing from the boat or shore. Since it is rather compact when collapsed, it is often carried on hiking and fishing trips where available space is limited or when traveling.

shimano-stradic-ci4-plus-mShimano Stradic CI4+ Reel is one of the best buy, universal, lightweight spinning reels on the market today. Shimano Stradic CI4+ (or sometimes written as Shimano Stradic CI4 Plus) comes with several improvements when compared with previous Shimano Stradic CI4 Reels.

eagle-claw-split-shot-sinker-assortment-1mEagle Claw Split Shot Sinker Assortment is set of 78 or 124 split shot fishing sinkers. Sinkers come in plastic selector case and in different sizes.

bullet-weights-rubber-grip-sinker-kit-45-pieces-1mBullet Weights Rubber Grip Sinker Kit (45 Pieces) comes in convenient plastic box suitable for carrying around in backpack or tackle box. Rubber grip or rubber core sinkers are suitable for fast weight adjustment of fishing line, without damaging the line.

sufix-performance-lead-core-metered-fishing-line-1mSufix Performance Lead Core 100 Yards Metered Fishing Line is lead core type fishing line that comes in 100 yards (91m) spools. Line is colored - every 10 yards, color changes for easier line length measurement.

berkley-vanish-fluorocarbon-1mBerkley Vanish Fluorocarbon Fishing Line is a transparent fishing line that comes in numerous thicknesses and strengths and is suitable as both fishing line leader and as main fishing line.

afw-surfstrand-bare-1x7-titanium-leader-wire-1mAmerican Fishing Wire Titanium Surfstrand Bare 1x7 Titanium Leader Wire is expensive leader line that outmatch almost all other line materials in almost all aspects. What you pay is what you get...

afw-single-strand-monel-trolling-wire-1mAmerican Fishing Wire Monel Trolling Wire is expensive, but very corrosion resistant, heavy fishing line, ideal for trolling in deep waters. Surface hardness of monel ensures that even a fish with sharp teeth and strong jaws will be landed easily.

blood-run-tackle-copper-fishing-line-1mBlood Run Tackle Copper Fishing Line is nickel-tin coated copper fishing line with increased corrosion and kink resistance and decreased fraying - very user friendly copper fishing wire.

afw-surfstrand-copper-1x7-bare-trolling-wire-1mAmerican Fishing Wire Surfstrand Copper 1x7 Bare Trolling Wire is uncoated copper fishing line consisting of 7 copper wires - strands. It comes in several lengths and thicknesses, suitable for various situations.

afw-49-strand-7x7-leader-wire-1mAmerican Fishing Wire 49-Strand Cable Bare 7x7 Stainless Steel Leader Wire is great stainless steel fishing line suitable as a leader wire for rigs aiming at sharks and similar toothy fish that can easily cut other types of fishing lines.

daiwa-mini-system-minispin-mDaiwa Mini System Minispin Ultralight Spinning Reel and Rod Combo in Hard Carry Case is a small and light rod and reel combination that can be carried around with ease - small but versatile travel fishing rod and reel.

lazer-sharp-circle-hook-set-platinum-black-1mEagle Claw Lazer Sharp Circle Hook Assortment is set of 85 platinum black hooks, that come in 4 different sizes 2/0 - 5/0.

black-leader-with-snap-and-swivel-2mStainless Steel Fishing Leaders Black with Snap and Swivel, 12" Long, 35 Pounds Test, pack of 24, is good set of decent steel wire fishing leaders for rough terrains and for fish with sharp teeth and strong jaws. These wire leaders will prevent fishermen from losing fishing rigs and in the end, fish itself.

eagle claw hook swivel sinker 75 piece setEagle Claw Hook, Swivel and Sinker Assortment is 75 piece fishing set that comes in round, plastic box that can be taken on any fishing trip and can come very handy when needed.

south bend wooden spring floatSouth Bend Wooden Spring Float is a set of two classic balsa floats, suitable for rod and reel fishing, but also for handline fishing from the boat, shore, pier ...

bullet-weights-ultra-steel-bullet-weights-sinker-kit-1mBullet Weights Ultra Steel Bullet Weights Sinker Kit (Natural, 60 Piece Kit) is non-lead fishing sinkers kit. It contains 60 well finished weights, weighing from 1/16 ounce (around 1.8g) to 1/2 ounce (around 14g). Great sinkers kit for areas that prohibit usage of lead sinkers at acceptable price.

m48-talon-survival-spear-1mUnited Cutlery UC2961 United M48 Talon Survival Spear with Sheath is interesting piece of outdoor equipment that can come handy. This spear is real-deal, not a toy. However, if you can picture yourself fighting bears and similar animals with this spear, forget it and stay at home and continue to watch TV.

okuma avenger abf graphite bait feeder reelOkuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel is cost-effective and reliable spinning reel that comes with various features and in various sizes. Due to relatively low price, it is one of the best buy reels around.

cressi-geronimo-elite-speargun-1mCressi Geronimo Elite Speargun is good and reliable speargun equipped with a reel line and many other interesting features. Although it can be equipped with two rubber bands, it is still rather quiet gun.

owners-cutting-point-octopus-black-chrome-hook-mOwner's Cutting Point Octopus Black Chrome Hook are sets of very sharp and sturdy J-Shape hooks with slightly bent point.

freefisher-barrel-swivel-with-safty-snap-connector-mFreeFisher Barrel Swivel With Safety Snap Connector is 100 pcs set. They come in various sizes and strengths, so choose according to your needs.

boone-black-crane-duo-lock-swivels-50-pound-1mBoone Black Crane Duo-Lock Swivels, 50-Pound, are classic, low cost, duo-lock, fishing swivels.

silver mulletBomber Saltwater Grade Badonk-A-Donk High Pitch is saltwater lure suitable for topwater action. It comes in numerous colors, three sizes and two pitches (vibration frequency).

okuma classic levelwind trolling reelOkuma Classic Levelwind Trolling Reel is one of the best buy baitcasting reels - it is lightweight, cheap, reliable and if you like baitcasting reels, feel free to consider this one.

eagle claw balsa floatsEagle Claw Balsa Style Oval Fixed Float with 6-Inch Stem, 2 Piece is set of 2 fishing floats made out of balsa - classic! Great for fishing for small fish using rod and reel, but also great for handline fishing.

ka-bar-1214-hard-sheath-serated-edge-mKA-BAR Fighting/Utility Serrated Edge Knife with Hard Sheath is great outdoor utility knife. It is great for camping, shooting, fishing and similar trips. Tough and reliable knife.

fury-tactical-treasure-II-dive-knife-1mFury Tactical Treasure II Dive Knife is cheap and versatile diving knife - it can take a lot of punishment and since it is so cheap, why not abuse it? Great price for what one gets!

kershaw-1259-fillet-knife-9-inch-blade-mKershaw 1259 Fillet Knife (9 inch Blade) is light and very usable filleting knife - blade is very corrosion resistant and suitable for working with various foods.

rapala-4-inch-bait-knife-1mRapala 4-Inch Bait Knife is a handy small knife, good to have around the boat and on camping trips. It has sharp and durable blade and best of all, it is very - cheap.

lee-precision-50-pcs-swivel-stainless-steel-100lbs-test-1mLee Precision 50 pcs Fishing Line to Hook Clip Snap Connector Swivels Size 1 Stainless Steel 100 lbs Test. As its name implies, this is package of 50 stainless steel swivels with snap clip for fishing line, tested to 100 lbs (45kg).

gamakatsu-circle-offset-point-octopus-hook-pack-of-25-black-mGamakatsu Circle Offset Point Octopus Hooks are little bit pricier fishing hooks, but what you pay is what you get - strong and sharp hooks that can withstand heavy loads.

shimano socorro 8000F salt water spinning reelShimano Socorro 8000F Salt Water Spinning Reel is robust and sturdy reel that comes at very acceptable price. With 4.9:1 gear ratio, it is designed for larger fish.

south-bend-pyramid-sinker-1mSouth Bend Pyramid Sinker is package of 5 lead pyramid fishing weights weighing 3 ounces (85g) each.

shakespeare-six-piece-fish-fillet-knife-set-1mShakespeare Six Piece Fish Fillet Knife Set is great kitchen knife set suitable not only for fish filleting. It comes in solid plastic case good for both storing and carrying.

shakespeare-one-piece-ugly-stik-bigwater-casting-rod-mShakespeare One-Piece Ugly Stik Bigwater Casting Rod is simple, sturdy and well made fishing rod. It is available in several lengths - 5'6" (~168 cm), 6'0" (~183 cm)and 7'0" (~213 cm).

rapala-x-rap-saltwater-fishing-lure-mRapala X-Rap Saltwater Fishing Lures are designed for trolling and casting.

They come in many colors and several sizes. With their shape, color, body movements, sound etc they provoke predatory species to strike the lure.

kastking-superpowerbraid-1mKastKing SuperPower Blue Braided Fishing Line 500M(547 Yard) / 1000M(1100 Yard) Advanced Superline comes in various strengths and thicknesses. It is one of the best buy lines suitable for various uses - main reel line, for handline fishing etc.

pflueger4410X-1mPflueger 4410X Microspin UL Spinning Reel, 100-Yard/4-Pound is micro sized, ultra light spinning reel. It is designed for freshwater use - if you use it for fishing in the sea, more maintenance is required.

okuma-longitude-surf-graphite-rods-1mokuma-longitude-surf-graphite-rods-2mOkuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods - relatively cheap, 2 piece graphite rods in various sizes. Very durable rods with (mostly) one year warranty.

quantum-TR40702MH-1mQuantum Saltwater Fishing Torrent TR40/TRS702MH Spin Fishing Rod and Reel Combo is cheap, strong and durable rod and reel combination. Reel doesn't come with a line, but all in all, very good combination.

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