pier-fishing-floatFloats are used to hold the line, hooks and baits on some distance from the sea surface. They come in various sizes, shapes and colors, to suit everyone's needs.

When using floats, it is very important to keep constant eye on the float, since it's moves are signalizing when fish is taking the bait ...

south bend wooden spring floatSouth Bend Wooden Spring Float is a set of two classic balsa floats, suitable for rod and reel fishing, but also for handline fishing from the boat, shore, pier ...

eagle claw balsa floatsEagle Claw Balsa Style Oval Fixed Float with 6-Inch Stem, 2 Piece is set of 2 fishing floats made out of balsa - classic! Great for fishing for small fish using rod and reel, but also great for handline fishing.

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