Fishing Lines

A fishing line is a cord used for angling. Important parameters of a fishing line are its: length, material, weight and thickness, breaking strength, knot strength, UV resistance, castability, stretch, abrasion resistance, visibility etc. Which line will an angler use depends on fishing conditions, type and size of game fish, fishing technique, season etc.

It is common for many fishermen to choose more expensive lines for terminal tackle and little bit cheaper lines for the rest of the fishing rig.

Broken line means lost fish, so don't go cheap on this :o)

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sufix-performance-lead-core-metered-fishing-line-1mSufix Performance Lead Core 100 Yards Metered Fishing Line is lead core type fishing line that comes in 100 yards (91m) spools. Line is colored - every 10 yards, color changes for easier line length measurement.

berkley-vanish-fluorocarbon-1mBerkley Vanish Fluorocarbon Fishing Line is a transparent fishing line that comes in numerous thicknesses and strengths and is suitable as both fishing line leader and as main fishing line.

afw-surfstrand-bare-1x7-titanium-leader-wire-1mAmerican Fishing Wire Titanium Surfstrand Bare 1x7 Titanium Leader Wire is expensive leader line that outmatch almost all other line materials in almost all aspects. What you pay is what you get...

afw-single-strand-monel-trolling-wire-1mAmerican Fishing Wire Monel Trolling Wire is expensive, but very corrosion resistant, heavy fishing line, ideal for trolling in deep waters. Surface hardness of monel ensures that even a fish with sharp teeth and strong jaws will be landed easily.

blood-run-tackle-copper-fishing-line-1mBlood Run Tackle Copper Fishing Line is nickel-tin coated copper fishing line with increased corrosion and kink resistance and decreased fraying - very user friendly copper fishing wire.

afw-surfstrand-copper-1x7-bare-trolling-wire-1mAmerican Fishing Wire Surfstrand Copper 1x7 Bare Trolling Wire is uncoated copper fishing line consisting of 7 copper wires - strands. It comes in several lengths and thicknesses, suitable for various situations.

afw-49-strand-7x7-leader-wire-1mAmerican Fishing Wire 49-Strand Cable Bare 7x7 Stainless Steel Leader Wire is great stainless steel fishing line suitable as a leader wire for rigs aiming at sharks and similar toothy fish that can easily cut other types of fishing lines.

kastking-superpowerbraid-1mKastKing SuperPower Blue Braided Fishing Line 500M(547 Yard) / 1000M(1100 Yard) Advanced Superline comes in various strengths and thicknesses. It is one of the best buy lines suitable for various uses - main reel line, for handline fishing etc.

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