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Learning how to fish is often done by trial and error, but in the long run, it is good to learn on errors and mistakes done by others :)

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Best Saltwater Spinning Reels

best spinning reels m

Choosing the best saltwater spinning reel can be hard job to do, since there are so many factors which influence one's decision. Most important features and specifications are used material, spool capacity, type and number of bearings, size and weight, price etc. Also, don't forget that good reel must look good!

Trolling Motor Battery - The Best Deep Cycle Marine Batteries

marine batteries 2Trolling motor batteries can be divided on deep cycle lead acid marine batteries and non-lead acid marine batteries. Both of them have their strengths and weaknesses, but generally, lead acid batteries are heavier, cheaper, can be connected in parallel easily.

Lead acid marine batteries are very important piece of equipment, regardless if you have small boat that can be pulled out on dry land by hands, or you have large vessel suitable for long off-shore fishing trips.

Small Batteries Equivalents, Replacements and Cross Reference Charts

18650 panasonic 3400mah mWith all possible electronic devices found at home, onboard fishing and leisure boats and vessels, camping and hiking electronics, everyday devices etc. it is sometimes hard to find the right new batteries to replace the old ones, especially if the devices are relatively old(er).

Here is our list of various battery types, their equivalents and replacement, with few our comments regarding certain battery types.

AWG to mm2 Conversion Calculator and Chart

copper wire 1mWith various standards around, it is important to know how to convert proper cable sizes from one standard to another. Also, voltage drop and power losses depend on the cable length, thickness and current flowing through the cable.

Warning: no math in this article, seriously :)

Best Fishfinder GPS Combo - How to Choose the Best One?

best fishfinder gps combo 1mWith so many similar models on the market, it is sometimes rather hard to pick the right fishfinder GPS combined unit. There are several important features which one has to consider when buying such unit, including personal preferences and of course, the budget. Buying the most expensive one in the nearest store is rarely a proper solution ...

The Best Full Face Snorkel Masks - How To Choose The Best One?

full face snorkel mask mFull face snorkeling masks are very popular snorkeling masks. Thanks to the flat and wide viewing panel, breathing tube design and other features, they are suitable for shallow, low intensity diving and observing the sea from the surface.

However, full face snorkel masks are not suitable for deep diving and for high intensity swimming/snorkeling/diving!

Best Inflatable Fishing Boats, Kayaks, Pontoons, Rafts and Float Tubes

best inflatable fishing boats mInflatable boats, kayaks, pontoons, rafts, tubes and other inflatable platforms are often used for fishing on different locations, in different conditions, targeting different fish species.

Regardless of the type, inflatable boats are very durable, have great buoyancy, they are lightweight to carry around, relatively easy and quick to set up for fishing and have other features which make them favorite choice of many fishermen. However, they have certain cons, too.

Best 100 Ah AGM Deep Cycle Marine Battery

exide xmc 31 m100 Ah AGM batteries provide best balance between size of the battery in terms of mass, capacity, reserve capacity, cranking amps and of course, the price.

These batteries are commonly used as cranking batteries for smaller gas and diesel engines, as dual purpose batteries in electric systems where they are used as both cranking and deep cycle batteries for powering the electronics, pumps, lights and similar devices, and in the end, as deep cycle marine batteries for powering various electric and electronic devices, including electric trolling motors.

Guide to LR44, AG13, LR1154, SR44, 303, 357 Batteries - Equivalent Batteries, Cross Reference and Replacements

lg44 a76 battery mLR44, AG13, LR1154, SR44, 303, 357 etc. batteries are actually different names for the same small, button cell batteries commonly found in watches, different controllers and other modern 'gadgets'. This article is our guide to the LR44/AG13/LR1154/303/357 etc equivalent batteries, their chemistries and performances.

Best RV Deep Cycle Battery

exide xmc 31 mElectric systems commonly found in fishing and recreational boats are very similar to the electric systems found in recreational vehicles (RVs). Boat and RV batteries must power various devices ranging from tablets and smartphones to refrigerators, TVs, microwave ovens, AC units, etc. when main engine(s) are powered down and not producing electric energy.

Such batteries also must supply enough energy to avoid issues with power spikes when the RVs are powered via solar panels and/or wind turbines and some larger unit is turned on.

Types of Fishing Reels - Baitcasting, Spinning, Spincasting, Electric and Other Reels

types-of-fishing-reels-mAs with any other piece of fishing equipment, options and specifications for fishing reels are endless. Fortunately, there are only few important things that are really needed to know.

Poacher's Knot

poacher's knotPoacher's Knot, also known as Double Overhand Noose, is a secure knot used for binding a rope to an object.

Choose the Best Fish Finder Battery

marine battey power center mmarine batteries 1Fish finders are often used on kayaks and small one- or two-man boats and choosing right battery with maximum performance and minimum weight at acceptable price can be confusing thing to do.

Car, Truck and Boat Jump Starters

jump starter clore jnc660Jump starters are devices that enable one to 'jump start' the internal combustion engine, when the main battery (or battery bank) fails.

Regardless if it is boat, car, lawn mower, forklift, truck or any similar vehicle, jump starters can be of great help.

Best Fishing Kayak Under $500 - How to Pick One?

best fishing kayak under 500 mFishing kayaks are great fishing platforms - they enable the fisherman to be very close to the water itself and hooked game fish, much closer than larger vessels. Also, fishing kayak can access fishing areas which are inaccessible by larger boats, and they help the fisherman to blend with the nature. Good and fully equipped ocean fishing kayaks cost great deal of money, but affordable, lower cost kayaks can provide great fishing experience for any angler, too. And when the hooked fish is the size of the kayak, party starts :)

Best Tactical Flashlights - Reviews and Recommendations

tactical flashlight m1j5 hyper v tactical mThese days, most popular flashlights have 'tactical' in their name. This implies (or at least, it should imply) higher quality, increased flashlight shock resistance, better reliability in adverse conditions, powerful batteries, adjustable focus, several modes of operation, etc.

But, it is not always like that. Tactical or 'Military-grade' flashlights differ significantly in their quality, size, power source, light source, optical system, case durability, on-board electronics etc. and one should really pay attention when buying such flashlights.

Best 18650 Batteries and Chargers

18650 panasonic 3400mah m18650 digicharger d4 tRechargeable lithium ion 18650 batteries are common power source choice for many electric and electronic devices often found on small and large fishing or leisure boats and even kayaks. Since their characteristics degrade over time, they must be occasionally replaced - and choosing right replacement can be a nightmare, but it shouldn't be! Also, after replacing with new batteries, old batteries should be recycled!

Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium Batteries

nicd batteryMarine lead acid batteries are still going strong as main boat battery, for trolling and similar, but in many circumstances they are replaced by other types of batteries.

Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPV) - Underwater Sea Scooters

sea scooter mDiver Propulsion Vehicles (DPVs) range from small sea scooters to small wet submarines. For recreational fishermen, hand-held underwater scooters are the most important.

Guide to Bow and Stern Thrusters

boat thruster 2mBow and stern thrusters are propulsion devices built into or mounted onto the boat's hull in order to make the boat more maneuverable at low speeds or preferably, at full stop.

Battery Group Sizes and Terminology

exide xmc 31 megacycle agmMarine batteries come in various sizes, having different capacities, voltages and performances in general.
Depending on the size, batteries are categorized in various size groups. Of course, there are always 'special' size batteries, so pay attention when buying new batteries.

How to Charge Marine Battery

solar panel mElectrical demands on modern boats are much higher than decade or more ago. Nearly all fishing boats have electrical devices such as lights, radios, sonars, refrigerators, laptops, electric trolling motors, electric watermakers etc.

Selecting the Best Golf Cart Battery

golf cart battery 1mgolf cart battery 2mElectric golf carts use deep cycle lead acid batteries as energy source for their motors. Selecting the right battery can be daunting task, especially with lithium batteries being more and more present in everyday life.

Marine Battery Boxes, Trays And Mounting Kits

marine battery box 1mmarine battery box 2mMarine battery boxes, trays and mounting kits enable placing and storing of the marine battery and its use in a safe manner. During the operation, battery or battery bank should be kept safe, with an easy access if and when required.

Marine Battery Monitors

marine battery monitor 1mMarine battery monitors are simple electric and electronic devices that monitor various parameters of marine battery and display them in a simple and readable manner. Built-in alarms can warn the user that certain parameters are out of desired range and can save the day. And often much more ...

Electric Trolling Motors for Small Boats, Pontoons, Kayaks and Canoes

minnkota riptide 50s 1mnewport 23M1000096 1mElectric trolling motors are commonly found on smaller and medium boats for propulsion during trolling. When compared with internal combustion engines, they have both pros and cons that one must be aware of.

Marine and Car Battery Chargers And Controllers

battery charger small mschumacher ssc 1000a 1mMains chargers allow the batteries to be charged while the boat is in the port. Also, when in use, these chargers power entire boat's electric grid - lights, electronics, refrigerators etc.

Since larger boats can operate in different areas and in various countries, it is important that these chargers accept various voltages (110V, 220V, 380V), phases (single-phase or three-phase electric power), various sockets etc.

Marine Solar Panels

solar panel mSolar panels convert sunlight into electricity. Their power output depends on many things like sun radiation strength, angle of the solar panels, their type and age.

Unlike wind turbines, they have no moving parts, they produce no noise during operation and can be positioned more closely to the passengers and onboard equipment. They operate during the day, but during the night, they produce no electricity.

Marine Wind Turbine Generators

six blade wind turbineWind turbines harness the energy of the wind. Blades are connected to the shaft that is connected either directly or over transmission box to the electric generator.

Wind turbine generators start to produce electric energy even during low wind speeds, but no wind, no electricity.

Marine Power Generators

power generator 1Fixed or portable diesel or gas generators are commonly found on medium or larger fishing boats when electricity is in demand. They have low fuel consumption, relatively low noise levels, can be easily repositioned (at least portable versions), for example, on-shore when required, or transported for maintenance etc.

Manual Power Generators

manual power generatorManual power generators provide power to the most basic equipment in need - radios and radio beacons, cell and smartphones, navigation lights and similar. They provide tens of watts of power and they are not suitable for charging the main boat battery - while able to provide 2-3 Amps, they would require 10 hours to charge the 12V battery with 20-30Ah.

Dual Purpose Marine Batteries

dual purpose exide battery 1Dual purpose batteries are often used not only as main boat batteries, but also as batteries for golf carts, Recreational Vehicles (RV) batteries, All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) batteries, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) batteries.

The Best Telescopic Fishing Rod - How to Pick One?

telescopic fishing rods 1mTelescopic fishing rods are favorite fishing rods of many fishermen, for good reasons. When collapsed, they require very little space, they are lightweight to carry around on fishing trips or when traveling, they are relatively cheap and often can endure and help land surprisingly large fish.

How to Choose the Best Pocket Knife

pocket knife 1mThe best pocket knife is something hard to define, but when you really need one, the best pocket knife is the one that is actually in your pocket. Pocket knives varies in material, size, weight, purpose, price and many other important features.

RC Fishing

rc-boat-fishingRC fishing is one of the newer fishing techniques and it is not clearly defined by laws in many countries. Anyway, RC boat fishing comes in various forms - often it is limited by the imagination of fishermen trying to get fish hooked. And we all know how imaginative fishermen can be, right? :o)

How To: Guide to Knives

knife-guide-3mKnives are like any piece of equipment - mix of various compromises that often negate each other. Before purchasing a knife, there are many things to consider.

Types of Fishing Lines - What fishing line should I use?

eposeidon-superpowersaltwaterbluebraidedfishingline500m-1mFishing line 'connects' fish and fishermen and characteristics of fishing line often determine if fishing is successful or not!

Choosing proper fishing line for different fishing conditions, terrains, game fish etc. is thus very important.

Convert Knots to mph and kmh and Back - How Fast is a Knot

convert-knots-to-mph-1mThere are several units used for measuring speed of the boat, wind, water or something else in maritime conditions. In order to avoid confusion and possible dangerous situations, it is vital to know relationship between three most used units: knots, mph and km/h.


spearfishing-1Spearfishing is one of the oldest forms of fishing in the world. It is one of the most exciting and physically most demanding forms of recreational fishing. Spearfishing may be done from shore or from the boat or using free-diving, snorkeling or scuba diving techniques. Spearfishing is highly selective form of fishing that normally uses no bait and has no by-catch.

Rigid and Inflatable Small Pontoon Boats

pontoon boatSmall pontoon boats are powered by electric or petrol motor or manually using pedals, paddles or oars. These, usually two man boats, are small fishing boats that can be taken almost anywhere and can be used for fun, but also for some serious fishing.

Sheet Bend

sheet-bend-mThe Sheet Bend Knot is used for joining two ropes of equal or unequal size.

It is also known as becket bend, weaver's knot or as weaver's hitch.

Pen Size Fishing Rods and Reels

e-most-pen-sized-fishing-rod-1mPen size fishing rods and reels are small, lightweight and relatively durable piece of fishing gear that are easily carried around, requiring little space and often catch fish that surpasses recommended limits of such 'tiny' equipment.

Half Hitch

half hitchHalf hitch is a very simple knot, rarely used on its own since it is not a secure knot.

However, it is important part of various reliable hitches and knots. It is one of the most basic knots and one should really learn how to tie it, even with closed eyes.

Fishing Lines Thickness Ratios - Table Comparison

afw-single-strand-monel-trolling-wire-1mFishing lines come in almost countless varieties regarding their material, color, thickness and other factors that increase their fishing value. The strongest line is not always the best one, but if the line snaps, fish is gone ...

Copper, Monel and Lead Core Fishing Lines - Heavy Deep Trolling Lines

blood-run-tackle-copper-fishing-line-1mCopper fishing lines have been in use for a long time, but only recently they have been put to the general use by the introduction of multi-strand copper fishing wires.

Monel fishing lines are heavier than steel wires, but more durable than copper wires. They are also more expensive than copper lines.

Small Apollo (Paternoster) Rigs - Boat and Beach Fishing Rigs


Small apollo (paternoster) rigs are universal fishing rigs suitable as boat and beach fishing rigs. Variations are endless, and here are a few of them that I like to have with me - both of them are made for handline fishing.

Using Live Fish as Bait - Species and Fishing Techniques

prawn5mUsing live fish as bait has numerous advantages when compared with fishing using dead baits, baits in the form of chunks or artificial baits - lures.

Also, one can use other marine organisms, like crustaceans, as live bait.

Bowline Knot

bowline knotBowline knot is simple and very important knot, commonly used to form a fixed loop at the end of the rope. It easily tied and untied, even after being under the load.

Fish Finder Rig - With or Without Floats


Fish Finder Rig is a type of fishing rig commonly used in surf/beach fishing using rods and reels. Also, it can be used as strong and heavy handline rig for fishing from the boat or from the shore.

Square (Reef) Knot

square knot - reef knotSquare Knot, also known as Reef Knot, is used for binding two ropes together. This is one of the first knots all people learn when tying - shoe laces. Unfortunately, this is not a safe knot.

Round Turn and Two Half Hitches

round turn and two half hitchesTwo Half Hitches and Round Turn and Two Half Hitches are two very important and very simple knots. There are variations on number of turns around the object and number of applied Half Hitches.

Clove Hitch

clove hitchClove Hitch is one of the more important knots, together with the bowline and the sheet bend. It is secure knot, but it could be better.

Double Overhand Knot

double-overhand-knot-mDouble Overhand Knot is basically an Overhand Knot with one more pass of the rope's end through the loop.

Figure 8 Knot

figure-8-knot-mFigure 8 Knot is very simple knot - it is used as stopper knot on the rope's end. It is larger than Overhand Knot, but smaller than Double Overhand Knot.

Overhand Knot

overhand-knot-1The Overhand Knot is very simple knot. It makes a knot on the end of a rope, which can prevent rope from unraveling and acts as a simple stopper knot.

Finding Suitable Fishing Bait on the Beach

finding-bait-on-the-beach-mSometimes we can find ourselves in situations where finding a suitable fishing bait can be problematic, especially if we didn't even plan to go fishing. What to do in such situations?

How to Find a Fish Using Seagulls

seagull-on-dock-mSeagulls can be very annoying - when they are hungry, they are afraid of almost nothing and will land very close to the fishing boats (even on the boats) and try to find or steal some foods. But, sometimes they can be of great help - they can help one in finding fish just by observing their feeding habits.

Ice Fishing

ice fishing holeIce fishing is practice of fishing fish with lines and hooks or spears through the holes in the ice on frozen water (sea, lakes, rivers etc.). It is increasing in popularity, especially in far and remote areas.


bowfishing-mBowfishing is excellent and exiting fishing technique that uses bows and arrows for catching fish. It requires great accuracy, patients, often strength and stamina, nerves etc. Game fish is species that can be seen on the surface or species that tend to jump above water - misses are common, especially for beginners...


longline-fishing-mLonglining is a commercial and recreational fishing technique that uses heavy fishing line with baited hooks attached at intervals by means of branch lines called snoods. This is very similar to trotline fishing, except that entire rig is in the water - start and end of main line is anchored by means of more or less heavy weights on sea floor.


trotline-1mTrotlining is a fishing technique that uses heavy fishing line with baited hooks attached at intervals by means of branch lines called snoods. A trotline can be set so it covers the width of a channel, river, or stream with baited hooks and can be left unattended.

Shore Fishing

shore-fishingShore fishing is form of fishing from the shore or from the shallows (standing or sitting). It comes in various forms - pier fishing, rock fishing, beach fishing etc are just forms of shore fishing. Rigs used for shore fishing depends on many things like shore and bottom terrain, weather, desired catch, etc. Hand-line fishing is common in many areas even from shore, but rods can extend the reach and cast bait much further.

Pier Fishing

pier-fishingPier fishing is fishing usually from piers on the beaches or in harbors and marinas among ships, boats, yachts... It can be done using rods or as form of hand-line fishing. Size of fish vary, but fish sometimes can me surprisingly large - usually one can hope for pan size specimens. Fishing is done on or near surface (using various rigs with floats) or on or near bottom, using various sinkers.

Beach Fishing

beach-fishingBeach fishing is form of shore fishing, done from various beaches. These areas are accessed easily all year long and can have various bottom terrains. Fishing among swimmers is not recommended, except for little kids trying/learning to catch really small fish in the shallows. But, off season fishing using long rods (with or without RC boats) can be very interesting with great catches ...

Offshore Fishing

trolling-rig-1Offshore fishing is fishing far from the shores. It is done using fast and robust boats often large enough and equipped for fishing trips that can last for days. Catches are usually big and strong fish species like various marlins and tunas. Since these species are rare and difficult to find and catch, fish is often released after being caught...

Deep Sea Fishing

marlin-jumpDeep Sea Fishing is fishing in deep waters, usually deeper than 30 meters. Deep Sea fishing is sometimes called 'offshore fishing' or 'open waters fishing', but these terms, although very similar should not be confused. Very often, terrain dependent, very deep waters can be found not far away from the shore - for example, you can be less than a mile from the shore, yet, your hooks are maybe hundred meters or more below the surface ...

Rock Fishing

rock-fishingRock fishing is a form of shore fishing - usually it is done from rocks during bad weather for species that feed under such conditions. This kind of fishing is often real adventure with great catches, but can be dangerous. If one falls into the waves, single wave can throw him/her onto the rocks with crushing strength - people die this way. Of course, this is just a warning, but ...

Trapping - Fish Traps

fish-trapFish traps are used worldwide from ancient times onwards. They are used for both commercial and recreational fishing - recreational trap fishing is often very restricted regarding size and number of allowed traps.

Netting - Net Fishing

cast-net-mNetting is one of the oldest forms of fishing. Various forms of net fishing are very important commercially, but for recreational fishing netting is not so important. On the other hand, some forms of net fishing are very popular in some parts of the world as form of recreational fishing and are growing in popularity.


droplining-1mA droplining is a commercial or recreational fishing technique - long fishing line is set vertically down into the water, with a series of baited fishing hooks attached to snoods. Depending on the sea depth, droplining can be form of deep sea fishing.


handline-fishingHandline fishing, or handlining, is fishing with a fishing line or lines that are held in the hands. Handlining with more than one line can be done effectively only by very experienced fishermen.


trolling-lure-mTrolling is a fishing technique with one or more lines (with baits or lures) which are drawn through the water. This may be done by pulling the line behind a slow moving boat, or by slowly winding the line in when fishing from the land or an anchored boat.

List of Marine Species

fish-soup-mfish-stew-recipe-mMost of these species are suitable for commercial or at least sport fishing. Some of them are endangered, but allowed for sport fishing - remember, catch and release ...

List of Reviews and Recommendations

pflueger4410X-1mHere is the list of all reviews and recommendations here on

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