Cammenga 3H Tritium Military Compass

cammenga-3h-tritium-military-compass-1Cammenga 3H Tritium Military Compass is high quality magnetic compass which uses tritium micro lights for use in low-light conditions. It is robust and durable and worth every cent one has to pay for it.

Many companies paint their compasses and other equipment in military green and declare them as 'military'. But they are not.

Cammenga 3H Tritium Military Compass is built according to the specification MIL-PRF-10436N - this compass is induction-damped, lensatic, unmounted, magnetic, with 5 degree and 20 mil graduations, designed for individual use during day and nighttime.

Note: specification MIL-PRF-10436N is superseding MIL-C-10436 specification.

Cammenga 3H Tritium Military Compass has aluminum frame and waterproof housing and is very resistant to shock, sand, humidity and operates reliably between -50°F (-45°C) to +150°F (+65°C).

Compass uses seven tritium microlights for use in low-light conditions and during night. Tritium lights fade-away over time, but they remain luminous during period of at least 10-12 years.

Notes on tritium: tritium is radioactive, but harmless to humans. Also, amount of light is limited, so don't think that those 'microlights' can be used as flashlight or something like that. They help one use compass even in total darkness and that is all they do - and they do that for 10-12 years, after that they are too weak to be used easily, unless you have a really sensitive eyes.


Today, many people rely on electronic devices like GPS, radios, sonars etc., but knowing to read the map and read the compass is still worth knowing, since one never knows when such skills can come handy. And such skills can save lives.

This is not cheap compass and there are many other models that do their job just as good. But, if you want a really reliable unit, consider this one.

It is handy navigational aid and can be a great gift to any fisherman or outdoor enthusiast.

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