Coleman 12-Volt DC QuickPump

Coleman 12-Volt DC QuickPump is handheld, high volume, air pump for inflating and deflating air beds, beach toys and other inflatables.


Coleman 12-Volt DC QuickPump Quick Specifications

- Pump comes in black or red color,

- high volume pump for inflating and deflating air mattresses, beach toys and other inflatables,

- it plugs into any standard vehicle cigarette lighter/power outlet

- it includes most common valve types like Coleman double-lock valve, boston valve and pinch valves

- very compact air pump (5.8x8.5x4.2 inches - 15x22x11 cm) and lightweight (1 pound - 0.5 kg)

Few notes:

- this pump is powered ONLY using car cigarette lighter/power outlet. So, if you want to use it indoors, you have to buy an adapter that can handle both starting current (around 10 A) and 6 A continuous. Of course, that adapter must have cigarette lighter outlet. Most car chargers can supply this currents with ease, so if you have one, just buy lighter power plug.

- in order to operate properly, it is recommended to have a 15-20 A fuse. Some cars (although rarely) have weaker fuses for cigarette lighters ...

- power cord is around 9 feet (2.7 m) long, although some people claim that it is much shorter (hardly 3 feet or something) and that pump barely sticks out of the car. Different model or something, don't know for sure ...

- adapters are loose, they are not physically connected to the pump and there is storage space on the pump itself. Pump usually comes in cardboard box and people usually store everything in that box. If adapters get lost, they can be ordered on-line - be sure not to lose them on the trip itself :)

- this air pump is a 'blower' type. That means that it provides high volume of low pressure air. If you have inflatable that requires relatively high volume of relatively high pressure air, you can use this pump to inflate your kayak/boat/float-tube to 90-95% and then use manual pump to finish inflating.

- may sound odd, but some people forget that this pump is used for both inflating AND deflating. If you have one or two larger items to deflate, this pump can help. But if you have plenty of items to deflate, this (and/or similar) pump can save you plenty of time.

- pump doesn't have a pressure gauge - 'air blower' pumps rarely have something like that.

- if you need high pressure air for inflating tires and similar, you don't need 'blower pump', but 'air compressor'. Such compressors will provide lower amounts of high pressure air.

Long story short - this air pump is one of the best products in its class. It is cheap, reliable and will do its job. Just be sure that you have proper adapter and enough cord for the job.

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