Radio Ranger 34" Remote Control Fishing Boat Set

Radio Ranger 34" Remote Control Fishing Boat Set is RC fishing boat all-in-one set, suitable for close range RC fishing during nice weather. When not used for fishing, it is great toy!

radio ranger 34 inch remote control fishing boat

This set includes everything required for RC fishing:

- RC boat is 86 cm (34 inches) long Remote Control 'Radio Ranger' - mono-hull RC boat type. Equiped with special fishing pole, it can catch any size fish!

- Maximum range is around 100-120m (300-400 foot), so be careful not to lose it out of your sight - it is not small boat, but at that distances, it is sometimes hard to figure out real distance and actual direction of the boat. Maximum range vary depending on the water and weather conditions and the condition of the controller battery. In order to prevent losing the boat, some people don't pull the entire antenna out of the transmitter - if the boat goes out of the range, the antenna is pulled out entirely, thus increasing the range and hopefully saving the boat or us from swimming.

- Set comes with the 'RC Fishing Pole'. It can be used for pulling in smaller fish - boat is strong enough. For trolling for larger fish, be sure to set it so that line disconnects when larger fish strike the bait.

- boat has 7.2V, 1800mAh battery, which can be upgraded. If you are serious about this, be sure to order larger, 5000mAh capacity battery. It does costs more, but you will swap batteries less frequently since ordinary battery lasts maybe 15-20 minutes, depending how you drive your boat.

- boat is controlled via pistol grip transmitter. When boat battery is discharged, boat will slow down significantly - you will probably have time for sending the boat to the shore, otherwise, you are going for a swim. So, pay attention to the boat response - if it starts to slow down, it is time to get it out of water. Note: it doesn't have cruise control, nor reverse! :(

Also, in the set, there are: wall charger, boat stand, extra propellers, fishing line, bobber and even a fishing hook.

Few more notes:

- for my taste, this boat is a toy, great toy. But for real RC fishing, it must have cruise control and it should produce less noise.

- it has two propellers - props are not enclosed in some kind of protective housing, so they can get entangled with a line. Single rudder is also unprotected. IMHO, good (great!) RC fishing boat should have propellers encased and protected and using two motors with cruise control should eliminate the need for a separate rudder.

- battery that comes with a boat (1.8Ah, NiCd) is enough for maybe 15-20 minutes. For longer fishing, consider taking 5Ah or even stronger battery. Batteries are with standard connectors, so they fit wide range of RC gadgets.

radio ranger 34 remote control fishing boat battery

- it is rather fast and strong boat, no question about it. If required, it can easily pull (pull, not carry) a six-pack from boat to boat in no time :) just be aware of limited range.

- if you are going to use it at night, improvise some LED lights - be sure that they are water tight!

Long story short - very useful RC boat toy that can be even used as intro RC fishing boat. It is cheap - set costs less than 100$ last time I checked. If you already have a RC boat and want to try it as RC fishing boat, you can order RC Fishing Pole set separately from Radio Ranger RC Fishing boat. Or, even cheaper, improvise line release system using ordinary - clothespin!

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