SE Magnesium Fire Starter

se-magnesium-fire-starter-1Magnesium Fire Starter is small and cheap piece of equipment that can come very handy on fishing trips. Although it is very simple to use it, be sure to follow instructions and practice a little bit at home (safety first!).

Few notes:

- don't make unprotected fire in windy conditions - this is great recipe for disaster!

- shave of the magnesium on the piece of paper or plastic, put the magnesium where you want your fire to start and than make a nice quick full length drag of the blade down the flint to create sparks.

- don't hit the flint - it is very brittle and can crack easily.

- there are various similar products to this (some are made in USA, some in China, some are longer, some shorter etc), but they do work on the same principle and to work, they must be used properly.

- magnesium burns at very high temperature!

- often, if you have dry thin paper (or anything similar) to make fire, you don't need magnesium at all (although, it takes some practice, but this is very cheap piece of equipment, so feel free to practice it).

- be careful about sparks - they are used to start the fire and can cause damage to the skin, clothes, eyes etc - again, safety first!

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