Sea Doo Explorer X Sea-Doo Sea Scooter

Sea Doo Explorer X Sea-Doo Sea Scooter is medium sized, moderately priced Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) suitable for divers and swimmers. It can come very handy in many situations and it is nice device to have around on any fishing boat - even just for having fun when fish doesn't bite :)

Sea Doo Explorer X Sea-Doo Sea Scooter

DPV Specifications and Features

- DPV comes with variable tri-stage speed control – 3 speeds selection,

- weight with the battery: 14.5kg (32 pounds),

- physical dimensions: 32 x 32 x 71 cm (12.6 x 12.6 x 28 inches),

- device comes with 6-month warranty; just be sure, as soon as you get this DPV, read the manual, including warranty terms and conditions,

- maximum speed is up to 2.5-3 knots (3-3.5 mph; 5-6km/h), depending on the size and amount of diver's equipment,

- maximum battery life is around 2 hours, based on normal use, but if DPV is pushed heavily, 20-30 minutes is all that one can expect from this unit. But, when used gently, at low speeds, time under water can be even more than claimed 2 hours.

- maximum tested depth is rated to 50m (160ft), but advised/recommended maximum depth is around 40m (130ft) - standard recreational diving limit for using ordinary air in air bottles.

- device includes pressure-valve technology that enables the unit to depressurize itself after ascending to the surface. However, before diving, be sure to read manual (yes, second time that we mention reading the manual) regarding O-rings and how and when to grease them (long story short - always!).

- buoyancy can be adjusted using four ballast weights.

Also, this model comes with numerous safety features including:

- water protection,
- low battery voltage protection,
- over current protection,
- high temperature protection,
- audible alert when water ingress,
- safety lock,
- auto shut-off function.

Few notes: This is very nice medium size Diver Propulsion Vehicle. It is meant for only one diver - it can pull around two equipped divers, but that will push the battery to its limit and significantly reduce operating time.

If you like wreck diving or you dive during the night or during periods of low visibility (not recommended for average Joe!), be sure to have additional lights - fixed light on the front of the scooter would be very nice thing to have.

This is NOT maintenance free sea scooter - lube those O-rings whenever opening the scooter. Also, if you want to use this scooter for diving more than hour or two per day, consider purchasing second battery.

This unit is very easy to use and handles well in normal conditions - if you need aid in finding your lost anchor, checking the sea bottom, finding the fish traps or just having fun, consider this DPV.

Just two things to really worry about: O-rings and charging the batteries. Keep in mind that this is a really usable DPV with serious performances, under 1000$! It is not lithium battery powered and it doesn't have 'gadgets' that much more expensive DPVs have, but ... It is a nice sea scooter that can come really handy on any fishing trip!

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