Takeya Insulated ThermoFlasks

Takeya Insulated ThermoFlasks are excellent insulated stainless steel bottles. They are made using 18/8 food grade stainless steel, they are BPA free, and can be very handy and useful for all outdoors enthusiasts, fishermen included.

takeya insulating thermoflask 1

Takeya ThermoFlasks are double-walls design. Vacuum insulates stainless steel walls, which prevents outside temperature from affecting the content of the bottles and prevent the condensation from forming on the bottles.

Stainless steel prevents rusting, but also ease the cleaning and maintenance of these bottles - most of the liquids are cleaned by simply washing the bottles with plain water, without adding the cleaning agents.

Bottles are powder coated for better grip and are available in various colors.

However, since these bottles are often used for carrying warm/hot soups during cold fishing trips, it is recommended to clean the bottles with mild detergents.

Thanks to the vacuum inside, these bottles will keep the water cold up to 24 hours and will keep warm/hot liquids warm up to 12 hours. This 'holding' period depends on the temperature difference between the bottle content and outside temperature. To prolong this time, people going on a fishing trips wrap these bottles with towels and carry them inside their backpacks, for example.

Bottles also feature solid loop handle and easy-to-drink spout with leak proof lid make it easy to take the beverage on the go while walking or even pedaling.

Note that the bottle opening is rather wide, allowing smaller ice cubes to mixed with liquids. Or one can carry a bottle of ice cubes only!

Bottle dimensions are 11.63”H x 3.75”W x 3.75”D and it weighs 1.01 lb.

Long Story Short - Takeya ThermoFlasks are great insulated bottles, commonly used for holding water, but they can be used for any other liquid or even ice cubes. Since they are made of stainless steel and BPA-free plastic, they are durable, but also safe to use for years to come.

All of this makes these insulated bottles excellent choice for fishermen and other outdoor enthusiast who appreciate warm tea or soup during cold days or cold water or favorite beverage during summer heat.

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