Fishing Boats - Anchors

admiralty-anchorAnchors are used for tethering the boat to the seabed (or to the bottom of any open water) to prevent the boat from drifting due to wind or current.

Anchors are made from iron or steel. They require weight and certain shape to be able to dig themselves into the seabed. Common anchors are:

- Admiralty anchor

- Stockless anchor

- Herreshoff anchor

- Grapnel anchors

- CQR plough anchor

- Danforth anchor

- Claw anchor

- Rocna anchor



Every one of them has it's advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the size of the boat, one needs 1-3 anchors of various sizes with various thicknesses and lengths of ropes and chains.

Sometimes it is very hard to choose an anchor for the boat - one must think about things like storage, size, weight, price, holding strength, type of bottom etc.

Long story short - if you have boat that cannot be pulled out of the water by hands, then consider one large(r) Admiralty type anchor (with foldable flukes and rod) as the just-in-case anchor with good length of chain and rope. For normal, every day operation, choose smaller anchor that can be deployed quickly and easily (CQR, Claw, Rocna etc). Smaller boats during nice weather can be hold on position with small (and cheap) foldable grapnel anchors that require very little space and almost no maintenance ... I like new designs for everyday use, but, if you ever get in trouble, you will simply adore your large Admiralty anchor :o)

3.5lb Folding Grapnel Boat Anchor Kit by BEST Marine and Outdoors

best mar and out 3 5 lbs grapnel anchor m3.5lb Folding Grapnel Boat Anchor Kit consists of small, 3.5 pounds (~1.6 kg) heavy folding grapnel anchor and 40 feet (~12.2 m) of 3/8 inch (~10 mm) thick marine rope. Also, this set contains small buoy ball, storage nylon bag and stainless steel carabiner.

3.5lb Folding Grapnel Boat Anchor Kit is suitable for fishing kayaks and other small boats that must be anchored in calm waters, during calm weather.

Danforth Anchor Kit by Tie Down

tie down danforth anchor kitDanforth anchor kit by Tie Down is complete and relatively cheap anchoring kit.

Danielson Galvanized Folding Anchor

danielson-galv-anchor-folding-1mDanielson Galvanized Folding Anchor is small and cheap, foldable anchor that requires very little space when not in use. Combined with at least some chain and ordinary rope, it holds easily dinghies, kayaks, canoes etc.

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