Danielson Galvanized Folding Anchor

danielson-galv-anchor-folding-1Danielson Galvanized Folding Anchor is small and cheap, foldable anchor that requires very little space when not in use. Combined with at least some chain and ordinary rope, it holds easily dinghies, kayaks, canoes etc.

This anchor comes in various sizes, so choose which one you need - this type and sized anchors are often chosen according to the storage space available.

In order to improve holding strength, try to add 2-3m of thin chain and enough rope to meet your requirements - chain acts as dumper and significantly improve holding strength.

Note: these anchors are physically very small, for example, 1.5 pounds (~ 0.7kg) can literally fit in the palm of the hand. They are strong and sturdy - can take some punishment, but don't expect strength of much bigger and more expensive anchors. If you are using them on inflatables, be very careful when pulling them out of water and during storage - for storage, some strong bag or even plastic box is recommended.

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