Lithium 3.0V CR2032 Battery Equivalents and Replacements

Lithium 3.0V CR2032 is one of the most popular lithium, non-rechargeable, button/coin cell batteries, commonly used in watches, calculators, security applications, medical devices, wearable electronics, CMOS memory battery, etc.

Although CR2032 is widely spread and can be easily found at online shops and various hardware stores, many manufacturers use their own labels, leading to some confusion among the users.

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CR2032 Battery Features and Specifications

CR2032 battery is a round button/Coin cell battery, featuring physical dimensions (D x H) of 20 x 3.2 mm, hence the '2032' as part of the label.

'CR' means that this is a non-rechargeable Lithium Manganese Dioxide (Li/MnO2) battery. However, some manufacturers use their own labels.

CR2032 battery is also known as 5004LC battery (ANSI), but other labels are used as well, including DL2032, ECR2032, BR2032, E-CR2032, SB-T51, LiR2032, etc.

The nominal voltage of the CR2032 battery is 3V, cutoff voltage is 2.0 volts, typical capacity is 220-240 mAh, nominal drain current is ~0.2-0.3 mA, maximum continuous current is ~3 mA, with a maximum pulse current of up to 15 mA.

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When the CR2032 battery is used or stored at room temperature, it features a very low self-discharge rate, with some models having a self-discharge rate of less than 1% annually. Such batteries are often used as memory backup batteries in computers, medical/security devices, and similar.

When looking for a button/coin 3.0V battery, in most situations people are looking for a CR2032 battery. But, there are other battery types that feature the same physical dimensions of 20 x 3.2 mm.

ML2032 Battery vs CR2032 Battery

ML2032 battery is rechargeable 3.0 volts Manganese-Dioxide Lithium (MnO2-Li) battery used in some wireless keyboards and smaller electronic devices.

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ML2032 battery features the same nominal voltage as CR2032 battery of 3.0 volts, but its capacity is much lower, around 60-70 mAh.

However, the ML2032 battery may be recharged many times - the number of charging/discharging cycles depends on the Depth of Discharge (DoD%), discharging current, operating temperature, and similar.

BR2032 Battery vs CR2032 Battery

BR2032 battery is a non-rechargeable 20 x 3.2 mm battery based on the Carbon Monofluoride Lithium chemistry.

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The nominal voltage of the BR2032 battery is 3.0 volts (older models 2.8 volts), cutoff voltage is 2.0 volts (older models 2.25 volts), nominal drain current is around 0.03 mA, and pulse currents are not recommended.

Also, it features a somewhat lower capacity than the CR2032 battery (190-200 mAh vs. 220-240 mAh).

On the other hand, BR2032 batteries feature longer shelf-life and a wider operating temperature range in general.

As such, BR2032 batteries are used as memory backup batteries in medical/security devices and other similar applications.

LiR2032 Battery vs CR2032 Battery

LiR2032 battery is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, featuring a nominal voltage of 3.6-3.7 volts and a nominal capacity of 40-50 mAh.

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But, LiR2032 batteries may easily provide maximum discharge currents up to 60-70 mA and charging currents up to 30-40 mA.

The number of cycles depends on the storage conditions, operating temperature, discharge current, and similar. On average, if the discharge current is kept below, for example, 0.2C, LiR2032 batteries may withstand 500+ charging/discharging cycles.

Due to the difference in nominal voltage (3.6-3.7V vs 3.0V), CR2032 and LiR2032 batteries are not directly compatible - even such small difference in voltages may cause certain devices to malfunction or they can even get damaged/destroyed.

CR2032 Battery Safety Issues

While modern CR2032 batteries don't contain heavy metals like lead, cadmium, mercury, and similar, CR2032 and similar batteries may be very dangerous if swallowed by kids or pets.

In contact with body fluids, CR2032 and similar batteries start electrolytic processes that cause chemical burns and other internal injuries that may be very dangerous and even deadly - this is a serious warning.

If the CR2032 battery or any similar battery gets swallowed, call the nearest emergency center and act according to their instructions.

 CR2032 Battery Equivalents and Replacements Cross Reference Chart

The following chart lists some of the most popular button/coin cell 20 x 3.2 mm batteries, with their most important features and specifications:

The following cross reference chart lists some of the most popular CR2430, ML2430, LiR2430 batteries with their most important features and specifications:

Battery Nominal/Cutoff Voltage Nominal Capacity Operating Temperature Annual Self-Discharge Rate Discharge Currents Datasheet
EEMB LiR2032 3.7V 45 mAh -20°C to +60°C -

0.2C (9 mA) continuous

45 mA max. continuous

EEMB LiR2032
Energizer CR2032


235 mAh, 15kΩ, 21°C, down to 2.0V -30°C to +60°C ~1% 0.19 mA continuous
6.8 mA, 400Ω @2.7V, 2 seconds
Energizer CR2032
Maxell CR2032 3.0V/2.0V 240 mAh -20°C to +85°C - 0.2 mA continuous Maxell CR2032
Maxell ML2032 3.0V/2.0V 65 mAh -20°C to +60°C - - Maxell ML2032
muRata CR2032


220 mAh -30°C to 70°C - 0.2 mA continuous muRata CR2032
Panasonic BR2032 3.0V/2.0V 200 mAh -30°C to +85°C - 0.03 mA continuous Panasonic BR2032
Panasonic CR2032


225 mAh -30°C to +85°C - 0.2 mA continuous Panasonic CR2032



3.7V 40 mAh -20°C to +60°C -

0.2C (8 mA) continuous

70 mA max. continuous


Renata CR2032 3.0V/2.0V 225 mAh -30°C to +70°C <1%

0.4 mA continuous

3.0 mA max. continuous

Renata CR2032
Varta CR2032


230 mAh, 5k6Ω, 20°C, down to 2.0V -20°C to 70°C <1% 0.19 mA continuous Varta CR2032

When replacing the batteries, be sure to always use new batteries of the same chemistry with the same or better charge/discharge characteristics.

Switching from one battery chemistry to another battery type should be done only if explicitly allowed by the device manufacturer.

For short, if You are looking for a CR2032 replacement battery, go for the batteries of the most reputable brands that feature many positive reviews - such batteries have been tested in real-life situations by countless users.