Goplus Transom Mount Electric Trolling Motors - 46/55/86 lbs of Thrust

Goplus Transom Mount Electric Trolling Motors is a group of versatile, affordable and very popular units, featuring 46/55/86 lbs of thrust, depending on the model.

They are simple to use and maintain, providing very good balance between the features, quality and price.

goplus electric trolling motor 1

Goplus transom mount electric trolling motors are very similar in appearance, with the main differences being:

- thrust: obviously, the most important difference among these units is the level of maximum thrust that they generate when pushed to the maximum, and that is 46 lbs, 55 lbs and 86 lbs,

- weight: 46 lbs motor weighs 19.4 pounds (~8.8 kg), while 55 and 86 lbs motors weigh 22 pounds (~10 kg),

- voltage: 46 and 55 lbs motors operate at 12 volts, while 86 lbs motor operates at 24 volts.

Other than that, they are pretty much the same.

goplus electric trolling motor handle

Other important features include:

- telescopic adjustable handle that can be extended by 6 inches (~15 cm),

- speed setting include 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds,

- props optimized for efficiency, but also to tackle with the weed and other vegetation - nice to know, but don't abuse it :)

- 36 inches (~91.5 cm) flexible composite shaft that transfer thrust to the boat, but also absorbs vibrations and impacts with the obstacles under the water. Again, it is good to have shaft that will not shatter at the first impact, but it is not something that one should abuse!

goplus electric trolling motor 2- 10-points LED lights battery indicator signals the fisherman current battery condition,

- adjustable shaft angle allows the user to set the proper shaft angle, depending on the fishing/sailing conditions and the type of boat,

- reinforced nylon bracket features high strength and durability, providing good motor stability,

- motor features aluminum head which increases its service life,

- adjustable motor/prop depth, ensures optimum prop working depth, while still avoiding obstacles and vegetation.

Goplus electric trolling motors are recommended for the boats of different sizes:

- 46 lbs trolling motor for the boats up to 2890 pounds (~1300 kg),

- 55 lbs trolling motor for the boats up to 3640 pounds (~1650 kg),

- 86 lbs trolling motor for the boats up to 4520 pounds (~2050 kg).

However, this is just a recommendation - in the real life this also depends on the winds, boat's height and surface, currents and other conditions.

Note: Depending on the source, Goplus electric trolling motors are recommended for both freshwater and saltwater fishing/boating, while some sources claim that they are freshwater only electric trolling motors.

Personally, any motor/engine used in saltwater must be after use properly rinsed with freshwater and dried completely with dry cloth. Also, applying some protective coating can also help in prolonging the operating life of such motors. But, before the very first use, it is vital to read the manual!

Battery Recommendations

If you are going for 86 lbs motor, you will need two 12 volts batteries - go for the same battery models of the same manufacturer, preferably from the same batch and connect them in series with thick enough cable.

These motors require deep cycle or dual purpose AGM marine batteries, and depending on the intended use, their capacity may vary from 50-60 Ah to 200 Ah or even more.


100 Ah marine AGM deep cycle batteries provide optimum performances in terms of weight, running time on a single battery charge and of course, the price.

Among these batteries, two most popular battery models are Universal Power Group 100 Ah AGM SLA Battery and VMAX MR127 100Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery (Amazon links, open in the new windows).

These are AGM deep cycle batteries, optimized for both stand by and cyclic use, spill proof, vibration resistant and they don't cost a small fortune :)

Lithium batteries offer high capacity and low weight, but they also cost much more than AGM SLA batteries.

Long Story Short: Goplus transom mount electric trolling motors are versatile and affordable units, that do their job properly. When used as intended, they can last a long time and enure plenty of fun and joy while fishing or just cruising around quietly.

They are very popular electric motors that will forgive certain rookie mistakes, just don't abuse them.

Note: having some extra thrust and reserve charge in the battery is good practice in staying safe, regardless if you are in the pond, lake, river or in a sea-going kayak trolling for tunas and marlins ...

For more reviews and recommendations, check Goplus Electric Trolling Motor 46/55/86 LBS Thrust Amazon link (link opens in the new window).