Marinetech 65-1110 and 65-0110 Navigator 110Lbs Marine Thrust Electric Boat Motor

marinetech-65-0110Marinetech 65-1110 and 65-0110 Navigator 110Lbs Marine Thrust Electric Boat Motor are dual electric motor system that provides 110 pounds (around 50kg) of thrust.

Main difference between these two models is that model 65-0110 is intended for fresh water use and 65-1110 model is intended for saltwater use. 65-1110 model has parts made out of stainless steel and thus is little bit more expensive.

This is outboard engine mounted electric trolling motor system that operates at 24V DC. Higher voltage means that it requires less electric current for the same power (which means less losses in cables). At maximum thrust, each motor drains 24A (576W); total of 48A (1152W) for both motors at maximum power.

As the boat reaches planing speed, trolling motors get out of water and provide no additional resistance.

There are also very similar products from Marinetech:

- Marinetech 65-5501 Navigator 55Lbs Marine Thrust Electric Boat Motor - single electric motor system, available in both fesh water and salt water (stainless steel) versions,

- Marinetech 65-1165 Navigator 165Lbs Marine Thrust Electric Boat Motor - triple electric motor system, also available in both fresh water and salt water (stainless steel) versions.


This dual motor trolling system includes a handheld variable speed controller with forward and reverse.

marinetech-65-0110-2Motors come with remote control utilizing pulse width modulation (PWM) electronics and soft start - both extending battery life and trolling time on a single battery charge.

Battery recommendation:

At maximum power, single motor system drains 24A, dual motor system 48A and triple motor system 72A. Of course, most of the time, trolling is done at lower power levels witch prolongs battery life.

As with any similar trolling system, Deep Cycle Marine Batteries are recommended.

They are relatively cheap, usually are maintenance free (I don't like flooded lead acid batteries on boats) and are easy to connect in series and/or parallel.

For 24V, one needs to connect in series two 12V batteries of the same capacity - preferably of the same model (and series) from the same manufacturer!
For example, if you want your electric motors to operate at full throttle for two hours, that is:

48A x 2h = 96Ah

But, when drained for 2h, lead acid batteries don't have nominal capacity, but much less. So, to be sure that you can run such system for two hours, you need at least 130Ah batteries. I say batteries, since this system operates at 24V.

So, in this example, you would need two 130Ah batteries connected in series.

And this set-up can power 20' (6m) boat around for two hours with ease. Of course, maximum speed depends on type of the boat and weather conditions. And if you don't need maximum power, batteries will last for much longer than two hours.

Salt water usage: although motor parts are made out of stainless steel, after each use wash the motors with fresh water and dry them with cloth. They will last longer.

For more details about these motor systems, feel free to check Amazon links (links open in the new window):

- Marinetech 65-5501 Navigator Stainless Steel 55Lbs Marine Thrust Electric Boat Motor

- Marinetech 65-1110 Navigator Stainless Steel 110Lbs Marine Thrust Electric Boat Motor

- Marinetech 65-1165 Navigator Stainless Steel 165Lbs Marine Thrust Electric Boat Motor

Long story short: good and versatile electric trolling motors, suitable for boats of various sizes. Their operating time and range depends on size, number and quality of batteries, so be sure to count them into the system cost!