Moeller Flushrite Boat Motor Flusher

moeller-flushrite-boat-motor-flusher-1Moeller Flushrite Boat Motor Flusher is universal boat engine flusher with dual water feed and rectangular cups that fits most of the engines.

Marine inboard or outboard engines use sea water for motor cooling. This cooling water contains salt and other minerals that build-up during usage, preventing proper cooling and can lead to engine failures.

Occasional flushing of cooling system using fresh water prevents mineral build-up and leads to better cooling and lowers probability of motor failures. Combine this with regular maintenance of your engine(s) and you can have piece of mind when going for fishing, even far away from coast.

During winter, if weather permits, feel free to go for a ride, but after that, if your engine(s) are going to be stored for longer period of time, be sure to flush their cooling systems - they will last longer and be much more reliable.

Moeller Flushrite Boat Motor Flusher fits onto side water inlets on most inboard and outboard lower units with ease and does it's job - plain and simple.

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