Newport Vessels 55 Pound Thrust 8 Speed Electric Trolling Motor

Electric Trolling MotorNewport Vessels 55 Pound Thrust 8 Speed Electric Trolling Motor is medium sized electric boat motor suitable for quiet trolling, but also as main drive for small inflatables, kayaks and similar boats. Range and operating time, of course, depend on batteries.

Electric MotorTrolling Motor Specifications:

- 55 lb (25kg) thrust
- Adjustable 30 inch (76 cm) shaft length
- Durable nylon mount
- 6 inch (15 cm)telescoping handle
- 8 speeds (5 forward and 3 reverse)
- Durable all aluminum head
- 10 point LED battery meter
- DC 12V
- Stainless steel hardware for saltwater use
- Motor Weight: 22 lbs (10kg)
- Mount Type: Transom mount


electric motor propellerThis trolling motor comes with one year warranty. Before buying this motor, verify warranty and be sure to read the manual.

Electric motors are simple in both construction and use, but they are different from internal combustion engines that are most people accustomed to.

For example, when petrol engine propeller get stuck in sea weed or fishing net or anything similar, engine will simply stop - no harm done. But, when that happens to the electric motor, motor will stall and draw huge current that can damage motor, cables, batteries etc.

For powering this motor, Deep Cycle Marine Batteries are recommended. One can use other, non-lead batteries, too - such batteries provide more power and larger capacity for the same weight, but they are more expensive and require special chargers and more care.

Electric Trolling Motor - Transom mountNewport Vessels 55 Pound Thrust 8 Speed Electric Trolling Motor creates 55 pounds (25kg) maximum thrust, requiring 12V and drawing 52A - that is 624W of input power. Maximum speed is hard to determine since it depends on size and weight of the boat, water and weather conditions etc.

Obviously, to power this motor, battery should have at least 50 Ah capacity. At that capacity, deep cycle battery will be able to power this motor for at least 40 minutes - lead acid batteries lose their capacity when they are discharged at higher currents. If you can, use 100Ah or bigger battery and when using motor as trolling engine on medium power, battery can lasts for hours - fortunately, there is a LED battery meter, so be sure to check condition of your battery from time to time.

Few notes:

- this electric motor is made with having salt water usage in mind. Nonetheless, after each usage, if you have opportunity, wash it with some fresh water and dry it with cloth or something. It will last far beyond its warranty period.

- if you are not good with cables, circuit breakers and wiring in general, as someone to show you how to properly connect electric motor to the battery. It is recommended to use 50A or so automatic circuit breaker and 13mm2 (AWG 06) cables.

AWG to mm2 conversion table:

AWG 01 = 42,4 mm2
AWG 02 = 33,6 mm2
AWG 03 = 26,7 mm2
AWG 04 = 21,2 mm2
AWG 05 = 16,8 mm2
AWG 06 = 13,3 mm2
AWG 07 = 10,6 mm2
AWG 08 = 8,35 mm2
AWG 09 = 6,62 mm2
AWG 10 = 5,27 mm2
AWG 11 = 4,15 mm2
AWG 12 = 3,31 mm2
AWG 13 = 2,63 mm2
AWG 14 = 2,08 mm2
AWG 15 = 1,65 mm2
AWG 16 = 1,31 mm2
AWG 17 = 1,04 mm2
AWG 18 = 0,82 mm2

For more info, check AWG to mm2 Conversion Table article.

- shaft position is fully adjustable regarding height (depth of propeller should be about 6-12 inches (15 - 30 cm) bellow water - read the manual!) and horizontal angle so that motor provides horizontal thrust only. It is great loss of power and energy when motor pushes the stern up or down!

- when not in use, especially if you plan on moving/raising/lowering the motor (at 22 pounds (10 kg) it is easy to move it around), be sure to disconnect the motor from the battery. If it starts accidentally, it can cause damage and even injuries. If your wiring doesn't allow fast disconnecting and connecting, be sure to switch-off at least automatic circuit breaker. Better safe than sorry.

Newport Vessels have nice quite electric trolling engines, but as far as I can tell, at this moment, only the NRS-86L model (86 pounds (38kg) of thrust, 24V, 48A, 1152W) requires and can be run on 24V batteries. All others must be run on 12V batteries.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to visit Newport Vessels 55 Pound Thrust 8 Speed Electric Trolling Motor Amazon page (link opens in the new window).