Etekcity CL30 LED Portable Lantern Flashlight

Etekcity CL30 is LED portable camping lantern flashlight, closely based on the previous Etekcity CL10 model, but with few improvements like upgraded brightness control, more durable ABS material and similar.

Etekcity CL30 is rather affordable LED lantern flashlight powered by 3 AA batteries, featuring 360° light, lightweight design, 3W total power etc. and is suitable for camping, hiking and other outdoors activities, but also for power outages and similar emergencies.

etekcity cl30 lantern 1

Etekcity CL30 Features and Specifications

Etekcity CL30 is lightweight and compact lantern flashlight. When collapsed, it is 5.39 inches (13.7 cm) high and 3.27 inches (8.3 cm) wide and when the lantern is in use (expanded) it is 7.76 inches (19.7 cm) high.

Etekcity CL30 weighs approximately 12.35 oz (350 g) with maximum nominal power of 3W and maximum output of 60 lumen of light.

Nominal voltage of the flashlight is 4.5V supplied by 3xAA (3x 1.5 volts) batteries. High-quality alkaline AA batteries from reputable brands tend to have shelf life of 7-10+ years, while Li-FeS2 or Lithium Iron Disulfide AA batteries may have shelf life of 15-20+ years (again, 15-20+ years!). People requiring these lanterns for emergencies, buying such alkaline and/or Lithium Iron Disulfide AA batteries is highly recommended.

Light is provided by 30(!) LEDs, providing full 360° coverage. Light control is simple - after extending the LEDs out, one may use dim button to dim the light. Also, it is possible NOT to extend fully the LEDs, giving the user one more means of controlling the light output.

Etekcity CL30 feature four brightness levels, including Low, Medium, Bright, and Ultra Bright. Operating time on the single set of batteries depends on the battery quality, capacity and age, but the stronger the light output, shorter the operating time.

etekcity cl30 lantern magnetsEtekcity CL30 lantern flashlight comes with magnetic base - it features 4 strong magnets, allowing the user to place Etekcity CL30 practically in any position on the metallic surface (changing tire in the middle of the night, for example).

One of very important features is the prevention of accidental activating and wasting the batteries - as long as the handles are locked, the Etekcity CL30 is powered off for sure.

Body of the lantern is made using durable ABS plastic and whole design feature IP54 waterproof level - flashlight is resistant to splashing water from any direction for 10 (ten) minutes.

Note: Etekcity CL30 comes not only with batteries ready to be used at the moment notice (after removing insulation strip), but it also features small compartment with magnesium firestarter - firestarter compartment is large enough to accommodate few more smaller items. Also, it is highly recommended to try few times to actually start a fire using magnesium firestarter - in fully controlled conditions! Etekcity CL30 is simple to use and maintain lantern flashlight, but when it comes, just in case, read the manual thoroughly.

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Etekcity CL30 is commonly available in packs of 2 or 4 lanterns.

Etekcity CL30 comes with 2-year limited warranty, which is actually rather good warranty for such affordable lantern.

Long Story Short: If you are looking for cheap and reliable lantern LED flashlight, consider Etekcity CL30 model. It offers reasonable quality for rather affordable price - it is popular LED lantern flashlight, tested in countless real-life situations.

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