Fenix FX-PD35TAC Tactical LED Flashlight

Fenix FX-PD35TAC Tactical LED Flashlight is one of the best buy outdoors flashlights. It is far from being the cheapest flashlight on the market, but with so many features, its durability and light output, it is one of the most desirable flashlights for outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, hunting, camping etc. It is excellent as a gift, too.

Highly recommended flashlight.

fenix pd35tac tactical led flashlight 1

Fenix PD35TAC Tactical LED Flashlight is compact and lightweight unit - it measures 5.4 inches (13.7 cm) in length, 1.0 inches (2.5 cm) diameter and it weighs only 89 grams without the battery (or batteries).

Obviously, it is not 'key chain' size battery, but with the greater size, more features come.

Fenix PD35TAC uses highly efficient Cree XP-L (V5) LED as a light source, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours which can achieve up to 200 lumens per watt (LPW), depending on the used batteries, temperature and flashlight usage.

As the power source, Fenix PD35TAC can use one rechargeable 18650 lithium battery or two non-rechargeable CR123A lithium batteries.

Note on the batteries:

- rechargeable 18650 lithium ion batteries (3.6 - 3.7V) are recommended batteries for this flashlight,

- 2xCR123A (3V) non-rechargeable lithium batteries and rechargeable 2x16340 (LiFePO4 - 3.2V) are good to go,

- 2xCR123A rechargeable batteries can be used, too, but their capacity, when compared with non-rechargeable CR123A is lower, thus, decreasing the operating time,

- non-rechargeable lithium ion 16340 and 18650 batteries are NOT recommended,

- rechargeable LiFePO4 (3.2V) 18650 batteries are NOT ALLOWED (banned!) for use with Fenix PD35TAC flashlight.

fenix 18650Battery recommendation: if you use your flashlight often, go for high-quality lithium-ion 18650 battery, preferably with built-in protective electronic - recommended models are Fenix ARB-L18 3400mAh Protected 18650 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery or 18650 ORBTRONIC Two Protected 3.7V Rechargeable 3400mAh Li-ion Batteries (Amazon links, links open in the new windows), or any similar high-capacity, medium to high drain, protected 18650 lithium-ion battery. And such batteries are not cheap, but they can last for many charging/discharging cycles, just be sure to use proper charger!

If you use your flashlight only occasionally and carry it as EDC (every day carry) flashlight, go for 2xCR123A batteries. Such batteries have very long shelf life - up to or even more than 10 years. Newer 18650 lithium-ion batteries have very low self-discharge rate, but they are not comparable with CR123A as standby batteries.

Fenix PD35TAC Flashlight - Design and Durability

As many similar tactical flashlights, PD35TAC is made of durable 'aircraft-grade' aluminum (exact aluminum alloy is not known).

Body of the flashlight is designed to be roll and slip resistant with hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish.

PD35TAC flashlight has toughened, ultra-clear glass lens, with anti-reflective coating.

This flashlight doesn't have adjustable focus, like many similar and cheaper units. However, this leads to tougher flashlight. Even without adjustable focus, PD35TAC has beam range of 650 feet.

PD35TAC flashlight is very impact resistant - it can withstand drop from height of 1m and is waterproof (IPX-8 standard) up to 6 1/2 feet (~2m) for 30 minutes.

Since it is 'tactical' flashlight, this unit comes with the 'attack head', too. It can be used for defense, if required, against animals and humans, just be aware that such 'attack heads' can cause serious injuries.

This unit comes with respectable 5 year warranty for normal use - this does not include wrestling with bears, cracking seashells, breaking car windows etc. :)

Fenix PD35TAC Flashlight - Modes and Performances

Fenix PD35TAC has two modes of operation: tactical and outdoor. These modes allow the user to adjust the flashlight according to the situation.

Tactical mode includes three output levels:

- Turbo: 1000 Lumens of output light. When Fenix ARB-L2S-3400mAh 18650 battery (photo and link above) is used, flashlight can operate for 1 hour and  10 minutes.

- Low: 60 Lumens of output light, for 29 hours and 15 minutes.

- Strobe: 1000 Lumens of light.

fenix pd35tac tactical led flashlight 2Outdoor mode includes six output levels:

- Turbo: 1000 Lumens, for 1 hour and 10 minutes.

- High: 500 Lumens, for 2 hours and 55 minutes.

- Mid: 200 Lumens, for 8 houra and 30 min.

- Low: 60 Lumens, for 29 hours and 15 min.

- Eco: 8 Lumens, for 140 hours.

- Strobe: 1000 Lumens

These values can vary between flashlights, batteries, environments, but they show how versatile these flashlights are. Operating time can be even longer, if 18650 batteries with higher capacities are used. Note: lithium-ion batteries are not toys and never sacrifices safety (built-in protective electronics) for higher capacity. IMHO, of course.

Maximum beam distance is 656 feet (200m).

Flashlight comes with two switches: a tail switch with momentary-on function and a stainless steel side switch to select output mode. For people who never used flashlights like these, explaining them how to use these flashlights can be confusing - it takes just few seconds of actual use to cycle between modes and outputs.

Thanks to the digitally regulated output, Fenix PD35TAC maintains constant brightness. Also, when turned on, the flashlight automatically enters last-used output mode.

Flashlight includes a low voltage sensor to warn the user to change the battery.

One of the safety features is a reverse polarity protection, which protects the flashlight and the battery from improper battery installation.

Fenix PD35TAC flashlight set includes: one Fenix PD35 Tactical Edition LED Flashlight with pocket clip, one holster, one lanyard, two spare O-Rings, one spare rubber boot, instruction sheet (manual) and warranty card.

Depending on the requirements, PD35TAC flashlight can be ordered as flashlight set or as part of the larger bundle. For more reviews and recommendations, check these Amazon links (links open in the new windows):

- Fenix Flashlights FX-PD35TAC Flashlight

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- Fenix PD35TAC Flashlight + 2xFenix ARB-L2M 18650 Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries, Home/Car Smart Charger, 2xEdisonBright CR123A Lithium Batteries

Long Story Short - this is excellent tactical and outdoor flashlight. It comes with many features packed in strong and durable body. It does cost more than 'common' flashlights, but what you pay is what you get. With CR123A batteries, one of the best EDC flashlights, too.