OrcaTorch D520 Diving Flashlight

OrcaTorch D520 flashlight is a small, palm-size diving flashlight. It uses single CREE XM-L2(U4) neutral white LED (5000 K), to produce 1000 lumens of light. Its electronics allow the use of several batteries, but 18650 lithium ion rechargeable battery is highly recommended.

OrcaTorch D520 is of very simple design, offering reliability under adverse conditions and respectable 150 meters maximum depth.

orcatorch d520 flashlight 1


OrcaTorch D520 uses mechanical rotary switch, for reliability reasons. This diving flashlight lacks few things other similar flashlights have like adjustable focus and/or modes of operation, like high/medium/low light, strobe, SOS and similar.

However, OrcaTorch D520 comes with 2 (two) 18650 batteries, a battery charger, lanyard and O rings. Battery is made using high strength aluminum, with corrosion resistant anodized finish for extra protection.

Flashlight is designed to be resistant to 1m drops.

orcatorch d520 flashlight 3Batteries included in the package are 18650 lithium ion batteries. They operate at 3.7 V and have capacity of 3400 mAh. Other 18650 batteries can be used, too, just note that 3400 mAh batteries last for about 2 hours and 18650 batteries with larger capacity will provide even longer operating time.

18650 batteries are 18mm in diameter and are 65 mm long, with the weight varying between the models. Actually, their diameter can be up to 19 mm and the length up to 68 mm, and these batteries also known as 19670 or protected 18650 batteries (or they are 18650 batteries with increased capacity, but without builtin protective circuitry).

Anyway, if you need replacement batteries for original 18650 batteries, you don't need 'protected 18650' batteries, since electronics of the D520 batteries include over-discharge protection (to protect the battery) and reverse polarity protection (to protect the LED).

Other batteries can be used too, for example:

- 2 x CR123A (not included) - CR123A has diameter of 17mm and is 34.5mm long. It can be primary battery (lithium) and deliver 3V or it can be rechargeable battery (lithium-ion) and deliver 3.6-3.7V.

- 2 x 16340 (not included) - 16340 battery has diameter of 16 mm and is 34 mm long and it is unprotected lithium ion rechargeable battery. Some manufacturers produce 'protected 16430 battery' and those batteries can be up to 36mm long. Often, 16340 battery is considered as 'rechargeable' CR123A battery.

orcatorch d520 flashlight 2Personally, D520 comes with 2 (two) 18650 lithium ion batteries that can last up to, or even more than 500 charging-recharging cycles. When they die, replace them with 18650 batteries of the same or even larger capacity. Note that D520, when operates, requires ~1.5 to 1.7 Amps of current, so there is no need to buy 18650 batteries optimized for high drain applications (like power tools and similar).

In any case, electronics will operate using any input voltage between 3 and 8.4V.

With maximum depth of 150 meters, D520 is recommended as main flashlight for recreational divers and as backup light for professional divers.

OrcaTorch D520 is 135mm long, body width is 24mm and the head width is 30mm - it fits the palm easily and can be stored in the backpack or even a pocket.

Flashlight's weight is 114g, without the battery. Since typical 18650 battery weighs around 40-45g, with the total weight of ~155g, OrcaTorch D520 has negative buoyancy.

Flashlight lens is made of 4mm thick, two sides coated toughened glass - and it must be tough, since it must withstand pressure of 15kg/cm at 150m.

On land, maximum beam distance is 250m, which is fairly good.

D520 flashlight is available in several colors: black, blue, red and silver.

OrcaTorch D520 diving flashlight is very usable diving flashlight, which can be used for other outdoor activities as well. It is tough and durable design that lacks certain features, often found on cheaper models. But, D520 comes as full flashlight set and if you need such reliable tool, but don't mind few cons, consider it.

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