RovyVon Aurora A3 550 Lumens EDC Mini Keychain LED Flashlight

RovyVon Aurora A3 flashlight is compact and sturdy, rechargeable LED flashlight, suitable as EDC (Every Day Carry) mini keychain LED flashlight.

Although rather small, RovyVon Aurora A3 flashlight features micro-USB charging port, four light modes, CREE XP-G3 LED, long reach, good resistance to water and sand etc. making it an excellent choice as the backup flashlight for any outdoors enthusiast. Also, it can be used as mini keychain, but reliable EDC flashlight.

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RovyVon Aurora A3 LED Flashlight - Features and Specifications

RovyVon Aurora A3 LED flashlight is made using hard anodized aluminum alloy (GB 6063) with magnesium and silicon as the main alloying elements and generally good mechanical properties with very smooth surfaces (important for anodizing).

rovyvon aurora a3 edc 3RovyVon Aurora A3 LED flashlight weighs only 14g (~0.5 ounce) and is 53.9 mm (~2.12 inches) long and 14.5 mm (0.57 inches) in diameter and can be found in two colors: red and gun gray.

RovyVon Aurora A3 LED flashlight features 130 mAh singe-cell lithium battery which can be recharged within 45 minutes using micro-USB cable.

When used as EDC flashlight, have in mind that the battery holds the charge for 6 months easily, although this depends on the external temperature, condition of the battery and similar - it is good practice to recharge the battery before each fishing, camping, hunting, hiking or any other trip. Just in case ...

When the battery voltage drops below 2.6 V, bright red LED indicates that the flashlight needs to be recharged. When the voltage drops below 2.4 V, flashlight shuts itself off.

When the signal LED light turns to blue, it indicates to the user that the battery is fully recharged.

Light source is compact, but strong CREE XP-G3 LED, with high efficient optical lens providing luminous angle of 10°.

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RovyVon Aurora A3 LED flashlight features four light modes:

- Low mode with 22 lumens of light and 150 minutes of continuous operation,

- Medium mode with 230 lumens of light and 55 minutes of continuous operation,

- High mode with the maximum of 550 lumens of light and 38 minutes of operation, at least in theory,

- Strobe mode with 550 lumens of light.

Note: When in High mode, the flashlight generates heat that causes temperature controller to decrease the output down to 65 lumens after ~2 minutes. If the flashlight is in the water, this time is prolonged. Also, when operating in Medium mode for longer period of time, it is possible for the temperature controller to decrease the flashlight output in order to protect it from thermal damage. Good to know :)

Maximum light output is 980 candela, with the beam distance of 80 meters (~88 yards).

RovyVon Aurora A3 LED flashlight is designed to survive the drop from the 1.5 m on the hard surface and it also features IP-65 dust and water resistance level (item is resistant to water jet from a 6.3 mm nozzle, with the rate of 12.5 liters per minute, for at least 3 minutes).

Note: although there are photos and even video clips of people using these flashlights fully submerged, that is not recommended nor supported!

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RovyVon Aurora A3 LED flashlight comes in the package containing the flashlight, manual, detachable clip, beaded chain, micro-USB charging cable and the wristband.

RovyVon Aurora A3 LED flashlight lanyard hole is large enough to be used for beaded chain, wristband or most of the key chains (hence the name).

Long Story Short: RovyVon Aurora A3 LED flashlight is compact, reliable and sturdy LED flashlight. It doesn't come with 'fancy' features like adjustable lens and similar, but that is actually the reason why it is very resilient flashlight.

If you need good keychain EDC flashlight consider this one - it is for reason very popular LED flashlight with very good reviews from its users.

For more reviews and recommendations, check RovyVon Aurora A3 LED Flashlight Amazon link (link opens in the new window).