Smith and Wesson MP12 Tactical LED Flashlight

Smith and Wesson MP12 Tactical Flashlight is excellent tactical flashlight, great choice for any fisherman and outdoor enthusiast. Also, due to small dimensions, it is suitable as EDC flashlight for anyone who wants to have strong, sturdy and reliable flashlight in any situation. There are of course, cheaper models on the market, but with Smith and Wesson MP12, what you pay is what you get - there are few details that can be improved, but generally, very good flashlight.

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Tactical flashlights not only provide you with light when darkness engulfs you, but they also serve to be a great tool for self-defense. It is because such flashlights, due to their high intensity, momentarily disorient attackers, allowing you the chance to run or seek help. Moreover, they enable you to identify threats. Therefore, it is imperative to be equipped with such flashlights.

While there is an array of options to choose from, not all tactical lights are the same. You should choose one which is small and portable and has a rugged construction. One such high-quality product is the Smith and Wesson MP12 Tactical Flashlight. Purchasing this product will not disappoint you.

Enhanced Durability

One thing that all customers look for in everything that they buy is durability. No one likes to make unnecessary trips to the market or spend money on products only to have them damaged within a few months.

The manufacturers of this product realize the importance of durability for users and have paid considerable attention to creating a product which satisfies such a need. This robustness is achieved via the construction of the product. The anodized aircraft aluminum of the flashlight along with the glass lens which is shatterproof in nature, allows for enhanced robustness of the product.

Moreover, this glass lens tends to last even in extreme weather conditions. When you add the fact that the flashlight is waterproof in nature and is resistant to the impact of up to 1 meter, the robustness of the product is further enhanced. Many flashlights do not offer such durability, and it is this feature which allows this product to stand out amongst a variety of competing items.

Extended Battery Life and Enhanced Convenience

Imagine a scenario where you are out camping in the woods and darkness surrounds you. You reach for your flashlight to light up your path, only to realize that your last spare battery has also run out.

What good would a flashlight be if it can’t last long enough for you to use it effectively? Hence, it is integral for a flashlight to have enough battery life to ensure optimum usage. This product succeeds in providing customers with just that.

The runtime of this product on high mode is 2 hours and 15 minutes, which is higher than other products within a similar price range. Moreover, on low mode, the flashlight can last up to 43 hours. This feature allows for enhanced convenience for customers. Also, there is a third mode - strobe mode, which can be used to disorient potential attacker, to signal user's position in emergencies and similar.

Such an extended battery life makes this product a likely accessory to carry along with you when going camping or embarking on similar adventures. Moreover, this use is guaranteed by the small size of the product, which allows it to be efficiently carried in a pocket. The fact that the product can be carried in a variety of ways, ranging from attaching it to the belt to mounting it to your weapon, further makes it a convenient choice.

Smith and Wesson MP12 Specifications

smith and wesson mp12 flashlight 2- The maximum beam distance of this product is up to 242 m on high mode

- The maximum beam distance of this product is up to 32 m on low mode

- The modes of the product include high, low and strobe mode

- The intensity of the flashlight is 875 lumens on high mode

- The product has a length of 5.5 inches, which is small enough to allow for enhanced portability

- The product weighs 6.15 oz (with batteries), which is light enough for easy carrying

- The batteries used in the product are 2x CR123 3.0 V non-rechargeable lithium batteries

- The product can be mounted on a weapon for increased visibility and safety

- It comes with batteries, a holster, a pocket clip and a lanyard

- A spare battery compartment accompanies the product

- An anti-roll tail cap helps with use in wet and muddy conditions


- The product features a reasonable price

- The LED light feature of the product is brighter than other similar flashlights

- The strobe mode allows the flashlight to be used as a self-defense tool. Also, the flashlight itself can be used for self-defense, just don't expect to knock-out a grizzly bear with it.

- The product is sturdy in nature


- The switching process between modes could be improved

- The tail button is hard to use in case of emergencies  -panic attack anyone? :)

- S&W MP12 uses two CR123A non-rechargeable 3.0V batteries. Some people have tried to use it with rechargeable lithium batteries, but the flashlight doesn't operate well with other batteries but CR123A. Fortunately, CR123A batteries are very safe batteries, with long shelf life and they don't cost a small fortune. For people using flashlights regularly, 18650 lithium ion batteries are practically standard these days, with even larger and stronger 26650 batteries being more and more popular, too.

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

This product has received favorable reviews from users who have lauded it for its value-added features. The strobe feature is a favorite of many since it effectively succeeds in disorienting a person when shone on them. Hence, the product can be used as more than just a small flashlight; it can be used in emergencies as a self-defense tool. Moreover, customers find the small size and light weight of the product to be immensely convenient since both features play a part in enhancing the portability of the flashlight.

Cycling between modes using tail switch is learned quickly, but in emergencies, one can easily make few clicks too much. Moreover, others have reported the switch to be very sensitive to touch, which means it is hard for users to stick to the mode they desire when trying to change the modes quickly. Fortunately, there are only three modes - high, low, strobe.

Nonetheless, even with its minor flaws, the manufacturers of this product have succeeded in delivering a bright and high-quality flashlight. It is hard to find flashlights which are as durable as this product and therefore, many have been quick to overlook the flaws exhibited by the product and have focused on the benefits the product does provide.

All in all, if you wish for a flashlight that will stay by your side regardless of how extreme the weather conditions get and that will provide you with light when darkness surrounds you, the Smith and Wesson MP12 Tactical Flashlight is the great product for you.

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