Solaray Pro ZX-1 Professional Series Tactical Led Flashlight

Solaray Pro ZX-1 Professional Series Tactical Led Flashlight is high-output, handheld, tactical flashlight, designed for personal and commercial use. With maximum output of 1200 lumens, strong and durable body and several modes of operation, it is with a good reason, one of the most popular flashlights in its class.

solaray pro zx 1 1

ZX-1 flashlight is made using a solid, high quality aluminum alloy. It is claimed by the manufacturer that this flashlight is water resistant and shock-proof, but the manufacturer doesn't state IPX protection level or safe drop height.

Thanks to the shape of the flashlight, it can be used for physical defense - if you get attacked my something or somebody, punching an animal or human in the head with 'horns' can scare or even seriously injure even larger animals. Or humans. So, when being outdoor on some fishing, camping, hunting, hiking or similar trip, be nice and don't look for trouble or trouble will find you when you least expect it :)

Note that claimed flashlight output of 1200 lumen is powerful enough to temporarily blind and disorientate both animals and people. Don't, but really don't point it to the face of animals or humans.

One of the important features is 5 light modes: high, medium, and low light intensity, strobe and SOS. Also, focus can be changed very simply by pullin the head (zoom) back and forth.

Maximum declared output of ZX-1 flashlight is 1200 lumens. However, unit uses Cree XM-L high-lumen output, high-efficacy LED, which according to its manufacturer, has maximum output of 1040 lumens at 10W. This 160 lumens difference is not insignificant difference, however, 1000 lumens from flashlight of this size is still respectable.

Also, using this or similar flashlights at full power will drain the battery rather quickly (2 hours, depending on the used batteries) - in order to preserve the battery and prolong its single-charge life, use medium or low light setting.

solaray pro zx 1 3Solaray Pro ZX-1 comes in the form of kit, which includes:

- 1 x Bright 1200 Lumens XML-T6 LED Flashlight

- 1 x BC-1 lithium battery charger, designed for charging two 18650 lithium batteries

- 2 x 18650 3.7V 3000 mAh protected 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries

- 1 x Plastic 18650 battery sleeve

- 1 x spare O ring,

- 1 x AAA Battery Holder for use with three AAA batteries. AAA batteries are not included, and personally, store this battery holder, just in case and use 18650 batteries.

solaray pro zx 1 2Solaray Pro ZX-1 comes in very nice gift box.

18650 batteries come with the unit and they are high-quality batteries. They come with built-in protective circuitry which protects the batteries from extreme charging and discharging conditions. Also, BC-1 charger is designed for 18650 batteries - nonetheless, it is NOT good practice to leave charging lithium batteries unattended. They pack lots of energy, so, better safe than sorry.

Note that there are 18650 batteries on the market with much larger capacity (for example, 5000 mAh or 5 Ah), but such batteries are often designed for low current discharge applications and their capacity and number of charging/discharging cycles sharply deteriorate when being regularly discharged with high currents. Not to mention lacking built-in protective circuitry which protect batteries from overcharging, over-discharging, high temperature etc.

These Soleray batteries can easily withstand 500 charging/discharging cycles - if you use your flashlight only in emergencies, perhaps it is good practice to use three primary AAA batteries with a shelf life of years and years ahead.

Solary Pro ZX-1 flashlight weighs 5 ounces (~145 grams), body is 6.25 inches (~16 cm) long, and 1.1/1.5 inches (~2.8/3.8 cm) wide. Flashlight is lightweight and rather compact for its performances and if you like outdoor activities, consider this flashlight. It is excellent as a gift, too.

ZX-1 flashlight comes with the manual, too, so when opening the box, it is good practice to read it and familiarize yourself with the product.

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