Supernova Guardian 1300XL Tactical Flashlight

Supernova Guardian 1300XL Tactical Flashlight is strong and durable, high power tactical flashlight. Thanks to the 18650 lithium ion battery and the CREE XM-L U2 LED, its maximum output is 1300 lumens and maximum range is around 300 yards (~270 m). Very good choice for any outdoor enthusiast as well as a not-so-small EDC flashlight.

 supernova guardian 1300xl tactical flashlight 1

Supernova Guardian 1300XL Tactical Flashlight can be powered with single high capacity 18650 3.6V lithium ion rechargeable battery or with three AAA size alkaline batteries.

Note that two 18650 batteries and three AAA batteries are already included. 18650 battery is recommended for maximum output, while AAA batteries are recommended for occasional use. However, new 18650 batteries have very low self-discharge rate, and if you don't mind charging them every 6-9 months, use 18650 batteries even if you don't use flashlight regularly. On the other hand, good AAA batteries have shelf life up to 5-10 years ...

Flashlight is made using aircraft grade aluminum alloy (exact alloy type is not known). Finish is smooth and brushed making the flashlight scratch resistant, shock proof and water resistant - again, exact IPX level is not known. Textured anti-slip handle, cooling fins, and the whole flashlight itself, ensure both comfort and stability when using the unit even in wet conditions.

Strong body, high efficiency booster circuit, CREE XM-L U2 LED (external link, opens in the new window) bulb and ultra clear tempered glass lens ensures bright light (again, 1300 lumens!), long light beam range (300 yards) and durable body. Supernova 1300XL doesn't have adjustable focus, which some users may find as fault. By avoiding adjustable focus, flashlight can be made stronger and sturdier.

The flashlight itself weighs only ~5.1 ounces (~150 grams), it is 6.2 inches (~15.8 cm) long and the diameter is ~1.8 inches (~4.5 cm).

Supernova 1300XL flashlight comes with 5 operating modes: full, medium and low brightness, strobe mode and SOS mode. While bright light can disorient a potential attacker, stainless steel ridged strike bezel can cause serious injuries - great for justified self-defense. Note that cheaper tactical flashlights come with aluminum strike bezels - they are also suitable for self-defense, but steel bezels are much tougher.

supernova guardian 1300xl tactical flashlight 2Supernova Guardian 1300XL tactical flashlight comes as a kit, containing:

- Guardian 1300XL flashlight,

- two 18650 rechargeable lithium ion batteries and their charger,

- battery conversion case and three AAA alkaline batteries,

- removable belt clip,

- remote pressure switch,

- gift box with magnetic closing lid,

- operating manual.

The Guardian 1300XL flashlight comes with the manufacturer limited lifetime warranty.

Whether you are camping, biking, hunting, hiking, fishing etc, Supernova Guardian 1300XL is highly recommended flashlight. It would be great to know exact IPX protection level, exact aluminum alloy and few more details, but non the less, if you don't intend to go diving, 1300XL flashlight can come very handy. As pocket EDC flashlight, it is perhaps too large, but as backpack EDC flashlight - excellent choice.

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