Fury Tactical Treasure II Dive Knife

fury-tactical-treasure-II-dive-knife-1Fury Tactical Treasure II Dive Knife is cheap and versatile diving knife - it can take a lot of punishment and since it is so cheap, why not abuse it? Great price for what one gets!

The Fury 11846 Treasure II Dive Knife features a skeletonized handle with side grip grooves.

The blade has a spear point shape with line cutter and serrated and plain edges. Overall length is around 8.5 inches (~21.5 cm).

Sheath is made out of thermoplastic and features rubber strapping for easy mounting.

Knives are manufactured using high grade German 420 stainless steel.

420 stainless steel note: 420 stainless steel is a hardenable, straight-chromium stainless steel. It combines great wear resistance with good corrosion resistance. It has more carbon than 410 stainless steel, but less carbon than 440 stainless steel - it is softer than 440, but has a higher toughness.

Out of the box, knife is very sharp and without stains or rust. Knife is one solid piece of steel, so be free to abuse it as you please - knife can handle that. After all, this is good, cheap, working knife.

On the other hand, this type of steel must be properly maintained in order to avoid rust and stains - after diving or using it for other purposes, wash the knife with fresh water and even oil it a little bit. 420 is stainless steel, but its corrosion resistance could be better - but it holds edge very well and generally, it is very tough knife.

Skeleton handle - if you never hold or worked with such handle, it will take some time to get accustomed to it.

Retention system on the sheath requires little bit of practice, but it is of decent quality.

Long story short - good all around diving knife - cheap, reliable, sharp; requires little bit of maintenance.

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