Gerber LMF II Infantry, Survival and ASEK Knives - Comparisons and Recommendations

Gerber LMF II Infantry, Survival and ASEK knives is a group of several, very similar knives, suitable for fishing and many other outdoor activities like camping, hunting and similar. Also, these knives are excellent gifts to all outdoor enthusiasts. They are strong and reliable outdoors tools, tested in very harsh conditions, even by military personnel.

Gerber LMF II comes in three versions: Infantry, Survival and ASEK. Also, these models come in different colors. Note that over time, these knives changed a little bit (colors, steel type, accessories, etc.) and there is certain type of confusion regarding Gerber LMF II models.

gerber lmf ii infantry w500

Following chart contains most up-to-date info about these knives:

Gerber LMF II Infantry, Survival and ASEK Knives Comparison Chart

Knife Model Gerber LMF II Infantry Gerber LMF II Survival Gerber LMF II ASEK
Photo gerber lmf ii m  gerber lmf ii survival m  gerber lmf ii asek m 

Coyote Brown
Green (FG504)

Coyote Brown Green (FG504)
 Overall Length 10.59 inches
(26.9 cm)
10.59 inches
(26.9 cm) 
10.59 inches
(26.9 cm) 
 Blade Length 4.84 inches
(12.3 cm)
4.84 inches
(12.3 cm) 
4.84 inches
(12.3 cm) 
Weight with Sheath 24.28 ounces
24.28 ounces
24.28 ounces
Weight without Sheath 11.67 ounces
11.67 ounces
11.67 ounces
Blade Style  Drop Point  Drop Point  Drop Point
Blade Material  420HC Stainless Steel 420HC Stainless Steel  420HC Stainless Steel 
Blade Type  Partially Serrated  Partially Serrated  Partially Serrated 
Handle Material  Glass-filled Nylon With TPV Overmold Glass-filled Nylon With TPV Overmold  Glass-filled Nylon With TPV Overmold 
Sheath Material  Ballistic Nylon With Fire Retardant Coating  Ballistic Nylon With Fire Retardant Coating  Ballistic Nylon With Fire Retardant Coating 
Two Leg Straps Yes Yes Yes
MOLLE Compatible Yes Yes Yes
Limited Lifetime Warranty  Yes Yes Yes
Full Tang No No No
Lashing/Lanyard Holes Yes Yes Yes
Insulated Buttcap Yes Yes Yes
 Strap Cutter No Yes Yes
Infrared Resistant Coating No No Yes
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Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife - Black
Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife - Green
- Gerber LMF II ASEK Knife - Green

Few Notes: Amazon affiliate links open in the new windows, so feel free to check them out. Also, we haven't listed Amazon link toward Gerber LMF II Survival knife for very simple reason - at the moment, knife offered as 'Gerber LMF II Survival knife' doesn't come with 'Strap Cutter'. And that makes it INFANTRY model, NOT a Survival model.

According to the official Gerber web site, Gerber LMF II Survival knife comes only in Coyote Brown color, with strap cutter.

Basically, these knives are the same knives. Overall they are ~10.6 inches long, making them smaller than 'Rambo-style' knives, but they are also far from being small or even pocket knives. Blade is little bit shorter than 5 inches. Blade is strong and durable with drop point tip design.

gerber lmf ii asek w500

All knives are made using 420HC stainless steel - in the past, some series of these knives where made using other steels, but in recent years, 420HC is used exclusively. This steel is corrosion resistant, and holds the edge decently. Sheaths come with built-in blade sharpener, allowing the user to sharpen the blade quickly in the field. Sharp 420HC steel can cut anything, making these knives very useful tools - Gerber LMF II knives started as ASEK knives, requiring the knife to cut through the aircraft/helicopter plating and various wires. Thus, LMF II knives have 3/4 tang, insulated buttcap (striking pommel) and handle.

Both handle and sheath are of 'flat' design - knife doesn't require much space/volume when carried and can be even concealed under clothes or in the backpack. Handle provides excellent grip, even when it is wet due to the water or other liquids. Sheath is MOLLE compatible and holds the knife firmly - it takes some force to pull the knife out of the sheath, and it takes some practice to do it quickly. However, such system prevents loss of the knife in the case of falling down, tumbling and in similar situations.

Knife with sheath weighs ~24.3 oz, and the knife only weighs ~11.7 oz. This is not the lightest tactical/military/survival knife, but also it is lighter than some slightly bigger models. Bare knife weight is good compromise between speed and agility of the knife in hand and the knife's ability to absorb the punishment in the field.

Such knife design produces the tool suitable for cutting, chopping, digging or any other similar task, required when camping, hunting, fishing etc.

LMF II knifes come with lashing and lanyard holes. While these holes help knife carrying and especially grip strength in certain situations, they also help in transforming knives into the spears for hunting or self defense in the wild.

Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife

Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife is very popular model, often used by fishermen and other outdoor enthusiasts during fishing or hunting trips.

gerber lmf ii infantry w500 2

It comes in three colors - brown, green and black. It doesn't come with strap cutter and its black finish doesn't provide any extra infrared (IR) protection (it does not decrease blade's visibility in IR spectrum). IMHO, when sharpened properly, it will cut almost anything with combination of serrated and non-serrated blade, making the strap cutter almost unnecessary. And IR visibility is important only for soldiers behind enemy lines ...

Some sites claim that infantry model comes only with one leg strap. At the moment, all infantry models come with two leg straps, but this can change without any warning (unlikely, but ...).

Gerber LMF II Survival Knife

Gerber LMF II Survival knife comes only in Coyote Brown color. It shares all the features with other models - it comes with additional strap cutter and its blade doesn't have additional IR protection/decreased visibility.

gerber lmf ii survival w500 2

Also, it comes with two leg straps, the sheath with the blade sharpener etc.

Note: knife itself is the same as infantry model, coyote brown color. Some sites sell 'survival' models without strap cutters - obviously, these are infantry models, coyote brown color.

Gerber LMF II ASEK Knife

gerber lmf ii asek 2Gerber LMF knives where originally designed as ASEK knives - ASEK stands for 'Aircrew Survival Egress Knife'. Gerber LMF II ASEK knife is designed for aircrews and other military personnel to help them survive, escape capture and help them return from enemy held territory.

Thus, Gerber LMF II doesn't have full tang - blade and buttcap are insulated to prevent the user when cutting live wires. Infrared coating decrease infrared visibility of the blade, helping the user avoid infrared detection. And strap cutter helps the user to quickly cut any strap preventing him/her to leave the plane/helicopter/vehicle as quickly as possible.

Due to these features, ASEK version costs slightly more than other LMF II models.

Striking pommel on all three versions is very sturdy and sharp and can be used to break car or other window/glass and in the combat or any similar survival situation - don't play with it, since it can cause serious damage or injuries. Also, don't expect to knock out a grizzly bear with one or two strikes (after which, you will probably be already shred to pieces), but a well placed punch in the skull will force wolf, coyote or wild dog into getaway.

IMHO, these are excellent knives, but personally, I prefer to show off to my kids how to make fire, spear or shelter using these and similar knives :)

Long Story Short - Gerber LMF II Infantry, Survival and ASEK knives are excellent survival knives, tested in many situations by military personnel, search and rescue units, outdoors enthusiasts, fishermen, hunters etc.

Of course, these are not the cheapest knives on the market, but they are built to last. And if you find yourself in tough situation and you somehow manage to damage or even destroy them, you will probably want to buy exactly the same knife, already knowing their worth ...

Personally, all three models are excellent knives, but for most situations, sharp infantry model is great choice.

For more reviews and recommendations, check Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife Amazon link (link opens in the new window).