KA-BAR Fighting/Utility Serrated Edge Knife with Hard Sheath

ka-bar-1214-hard-sheath-serated-edgeKA-BAR Fighting/Utility Serrated Edge Knife with Hard Sheath is great outdoor utility knife. It is great for camping, shooting, fishing and similar trips. Tough and reliable knife.


- Black utility knife with partially serrated edge

- Easy-to-sharpen blade made of 1095 Cro-Van steel

- Manmade Kraton G handle fits comfortably in the hand

- 20-degree edge angle; 7 inch (~17.8 cm) blade length

- Measures 11-3/4 inches (~30 cm) overall

- Weighs 0.65 pounds (~300g)

1095 Steel: this is a high-carbon steel for knives and similar blades. It is harder but more brittle than lower carbon steels such as 1055, 1060, 1070 and 1080. It has a carbon content of 0.90-1.03%, which is responsible for its toughness and ease of sharpening.

Knife is very solid, capable of absorbing plenty of punishment - it doesn't hold edge as more expensive steels, but it is easily sharpened and very tough. It does come with a nice price for a steel knife, but this is the knife you could easily pass down to the next generation in your family.

Handle holds the grip very well, as long as hand is dry - if the hand is wet (rain, sweat, water...) some grip strength is lost, but nothing what good grip tape can't handle.

Long story short - excellent knife, tough, reliable, can be even used as hammer.

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