Kershaw 1259 Fillet Knife - 9 inch Blade

Kershaw 1259 Fillet Knife (9 inch Blade) is light and very usable filleting knife - blade is very corrosion resistant and suitable for working with various foods.


Blade is made out of 420J2 stainless steel, it is 9 1/4" (around 24.5 cm) long, knife is 14 1/4" (around 36 cm) long overall.

It has co-polymer handle and includes ABS sheath. Knife comes limited lifetime warranty.

Few notes about 420J2 steel: this is very cheap stainless steel, not suitable for swords and sabres - it doesn't hold the edge very well in such blades. Its maximum edge hardness is around 52RC, with hardening it can go up to 54RC - on the other hand, why would knife companies bother with hardening cheap steels, in the first place?

Anyway, why do knife companies use this steel? Well, this is cheap steel for relatively cheep knifes with several benefits:

- it is a cheap steel (OK, we said that several times)

- it is easily sharpened - and you do need a sharp knife for filleting

- it is very, but really very corrosion resistant. To create rusts on it, you must keep it in some chemicals for longer period of time. So, after usage, clean the knife, wash it with fresh water, dry it and put back into the sheath and knife will last maybe even forever :)

- stainless steels are generally not known for their flexibility, but this steel is very durable and if you don't mistreat the knife, it will not break.

- this steel is often used for diving knives

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