MTech USA Ballistic MT-A845 Series Spring Assisted Folding Knife

MTech USA Ballistic MT-A845 is a group of well designed and manufactured, rather affordable spring assisted folding knives, featuring compact and lightweight design, sharp blade, aluminum handle, pocket clip, reliable lock mechanism etc.

MTech USA Ballistic MT-A845 are very popular knives, often carried by people who like hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and other similar outdoor activities.

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MTech USA Ballistic MT-A845 Features and Specifications

MTech USA Ballistic MT-A845 features 3.75 inches (~9.5 cm) long blade. Blade itself is made using Chinese 3CR13 stainless steel, which is very similar to 420J2 (AUS 4) stainless steel - it balances well between being easy to sharpen, edge retention, blade flexibility and price.

Blade is 3.5 mm thick and rather durable - don't hit it with the hammer and in most cases it will not fail.

Note: since the blade is 'spring assisted', which allows rapid, one-handed deployment, check with the local authorities if such knife/blade allowed as EDC knife or not.

Handle is made using durable aluminum, keeping total weight low - unit weighs 6.90 ounces (~200g). Handle length is 5.25 inches (~13.3 cm) and can be easily stored in the backpack, pocket, tool box or similar.

Overall length of the knife is 8.75 inches (~22.2 cm) - it is far from being 'Rambo Knife', but that is not what this knife is intended to.

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Handle comes in four different colors, including:

- Black Aluminum Handle (Model MT-A845BK),

- Digital Camo Coated Aluminum Handle (Model MT-A845DG),

- Desert Camo Coated Aluminum Handle (Model MT-A845DM),

- USA Flag Aluminum Handle (Model MT-A845F).

My preferred choice of color for knives like these is uniform color, black in this case.

Uniform color helps with noticing the dirt and damages to the blade and handle - some people prefer camo colors since damages are not easily to spot, but damaged knife/blade/handle can failed due such unnoticed damage when needed the most ...

Additional features of MTech USA Ballistic MT-A845 are:

- Pocket Clip allows the user to carry it safely attached to the pocket - in such situations, knife can be quickly reached and deployed single-handedly. If required, thumb stud helps with the deployment, while liner lock safely locks the blade.

- Seatbelt Cutter can come very handy in certain situations, since it can help leave the vehicle in emergencies.

- Glass Breaker is one more feature that is underestimated until absolutely required in emergencies.

Note: If you are serious about being prepared, test the seatbelt cutter and glass breaker with the real seatbelt and glass, just be sure to take all necessary safety precautions - what ever you do, it is your own responsibility!

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Long Story Short: MTech USA Ballistic MT-A845 Series Spring Assisted Folding Knife is general purpose, utility, folding knife.

Considering its price, it is quality tool that can come handy in various situations.

However, don't expect that this knife can be compared with utility knives intended for official police or military use that cost 10x or more.

But, if you are outdoor enthusiast or you just want a nice EDC folding, pocket knife, consider MTech USA Ballistic MT-A845.

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