Marine Electronics

Fishing boat electronics cover wide range of electronic devices. Some of them increase the chance for successful fishing, but many people neglect their importance. Some of these devices are mandatory for very good reasons and it is vital to know how and when to use them.

Fish finders

sonar 1Fish finders use ultrasonic sound to detect obstacles that are in the path of sound beams. These 'obstacles' can be individual fish, schools of fish, seabed, divers etc.

Fish finders display depth of the water, bottom configuration, fish position, underwater activity and have many features that determine their price - from few tens of dollars/euros to thousands of dollars/euros. Since this equipment can cost a lot, be sure to know what is what you need - if you need few basic functions, then what is the purpose in spending money on multi-beam sonar that comes with integrated maps, GPS, navigation, bluetooth/USB/wireless connection with computer etc.?

But, in many cases, fish finder like that is going to make difference between having a great day and coming home empty handed ...


Global Positioning System (GPS) is very important part of successful fishing trips away from the shore. Even if fishing close to the shore, it can be very important to find 'exact' position - within few feet/meters.

And if you have GPS/Sonar/Fish Finder/Chart Display combo, then you have very nice piece of equipment that can be very very useful ....

Marine Radios

radio 2Widespread usage of cellular phones didn't diminish importance of good radio on boat or during coastal fishing trips.

Functions like dual-watch, tri-watch, priority scans, weather alert function, waterproof design etc are common these days, so don't go cheap on this - good radio is like a good anchor - you will not appreciate them until you really need them :o)

Of course, there are many other electronic devices which can or must be found on the fishing boats, regardless of the size and/or type.

Our reviews and recommendations, sorted according to the date added or updated:

Garmin STRIKER 5cv CHIRP GPS Fishfinder

garmin striker 5cv 1mGarmin STRIKER 5cv is a fishfinder with 5 inch (12.7 cm) display and integrated GPS. It is sturdy and well built unit, packed with many interesting features. It is direct descendant of Garmin 5dv fishfinder. Thanks to small dimensions, light weight construction, small power consumption, acceptable price etc. it is common choice for both larger and smaller fishing boats, and even fishing kayaks.

Uniden MHS235 Marine Handheld Radio

uniden-mhs235-1mUniden MHS235 Marine Handheld Radio is robust, submersible, floating device packed with many useful features that comes at reasonable price. Of course, there are much cheaper, more or less, similar marine radios, but this kind of equipment is not bought often, so it is very smart investment in the long run ...

Humminbird 898c SI Combo 7-Inch Waterproof Marine GPS and Chartplotter with Sounder

humminbird-898c-combo-si-mHumminbird 898c SI Combo 7-Inch Waterproof Marine GPS and Chartplotter with Sounder is affordable fishing aid on any fishing boat. It comes with many useful features, often reserved for more expensive units.

Uniden VHF Waterproof Two-Way Marine Radio (MHS75)

uniden-vhf-waterproof-two-way-marine-radio-mhs75-1mUniden VHF Waterproof Two-Way Marine Radio (MHS75) is compact, well built, rugged handheld Marine radio filled with various features. Although radios are not required on smaller boats, it is sometimes good to know what is going on around you ...

Garmin Echo 550c Fishfinder (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

garmin-echo-550c-fishfinder-1mGarmin Echo 550c Fishfinder is one of the best medium priced boat sonars. It has 5" (~13cm) wide display size with 640x480 resolution and 256 colors, 1900 feet (580 m) maximum depth in fresh water and 700 feet (210m) in saltwater, 120 degree viewing angle and many other features. This is something nice to have on any fishing boat :)

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