Garmin STRIKER 5cv CHIRP GPS Fishfinder

Garmin STRIKER 5cv is a fishfinder with 5 inch (12.7 cm) display and integrated GPS. It is sturdy and well built unit, packed with many interesting features. It is direct descendant of Garmin 5dv fishfinder. Thanks to small dimensions, light weight construction, small power consumption, acceptable price etc. it is common choice for both larger and smaller fishing boats, and even fishing kayaks.

garmin striker 5cv 1

Garmin STRIKER 5cv measures 7.4 x 4.5 x 2.1 inches (18.8 x 11.6 x 5.4 cm) and weighs 15.2 oz (430g).

Display size is 4.25 x 2.55 inches (10.8 x 6.5 cm), with 5 inches (12.7 cm) diagonal. Display resolution is 800 x 480 pixels, WVGA color.

 Since it is planned to be mounted on small boats and kayaks, too, unit's water resistant level is IPX7 - item is resistant to immersion in water, up to a meter deep, for 30 minutes.

Most interesting features:

garmin striker 5cv chirp displayClearVü scanning sonar detects more detailed view of what is in the water around the boat. This is high-frequency sonar, providing almost photographic images objects, structures, fish etc. CHIRP sonar sends a continuous sweep of frequencies which provides a wider range of information, helping the unit to create crisper fish images with better target separation. Traditional Garmin CHIRP sonar and CHIRP ClearVü scanning sonar are combined into 1 transducer.

Frequencies supported by STRIKER 5cv: traditional 50/77/200 kHz, CHIRP (mid and high), and ClearVü 260/455/800 kHz.

Transmit power is 500W, although various transducers can be used, with power between 500W and 600W.

Simple use, thanks to the a keyed interface with dedicated buttons, making the unit rather easy to use. Power consumption is 0.4 Amps at 12V, making it possible to power the STRIKER with the main boat battery, small dedicated fishfinder battery or even using very small solar panel.

Waypoint map and sport marking enables the user to view, mark and navigate to desired locations - important for finding the way back, for example, when there is dense fog, heavy storm and similar weather conditions. Or to find favorite fishing spots with easy, saving both time and money.

Built-in flasher displays sonar data in the classic flasher format, which is great for ice fishing or vertical jigging.

garmin striker 5cv mark spotsOther features include bottom lock, water temperature graph and log, split-screen zoom, 'ultrascroll' (displays fish targets at higher boat speeds), fish symbol ID (helps identify fish targets), autogain technology (minimizes clutter, maximizes targets), adjustable depth line (measures depth of underwater objects), a-scope (real time display of fish passing through transducer beam), boat speed display etc.

Obviously, when you get the unit, before you do anything, read the instructions, even if you are advanced fisherman.

Maximum depth is 2300 feet (~700 m) freshwater, and 1100 feet (~335 m) for saltwater. Of course, in real life maximum depth depends on the bottom type, currents, temperature and other water conditions.

Unit is very easy to mount permanently, but for those user requiring more mobile units, a portable kit is also available.

Note: difference between Garmin 5dv and Garmin 5cv is in transducer design (legal stuff) and often both units can be found in stores.

Long story short - Garmin STRIKER 5cv is excellent fishfinder with many options and great features. Considering all of that, its price is more than acceptable - there are cheaper units on the market, but STRIKER 5cv is one of the best buy units for bots larger and smaller boats and even kayaks.

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