Uniden MHS235 Marine Handheld Radio

uniden-mhs235-1Uniden MHS235 Marine Handheld Radio is robust, submersible, floating device packed with many useful features that comes at reasonable price. Of course, there are much cheaper, more or less, similar marine radios, but this kind of equipment is not bought often, so it is very smart investment in the long run ...

Uniden MHS235 Quick Specifications

MHS235 model has very clear sound with good reproduction and sensitive microphone. But, it also comes with many useful features that people often don't appreciate much, until they use them or even need them:

- Automatic NOAA weather alerts
- S.A.M.E. technology alerts to local conditions
- Built-in GPS with Class D DSC features
- Initiate 'mayday' with the push of a button
- Power boost transmission
- Emergency strobe light makes it highly visible
- Glow in the dark PWR/PTT keys/seal

What's in the Box: AC charge cord, DC charge cord, charging cradle, 1160mAh lithium ion battery pack, accessory battery tray, speaker microphone, swivel belt clip, antenna, lanyard, radio.

Few notes about this radio:

MHS235 is submersible - it satisfies the JIX8/IPX8 standard, allowing complete submersion at depth of 5 feet (1.5m) for at least 30 minutes. But it is also designed to float - so, weather it goes overboard alone or in the backpack, there are great chances that it's not lost :)

Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology means that one can find favorite fishing or diving spot every time with ease. In combination with Digital Selective Calling (DSC) system, it enables sending 'mayday' signal with simple press of the button.

Normal transmitting power is 1W, but this can be easily increased to 2.5 and 6 watts when needed.

A high capacity lithium ion battery provides on average 11 hours of talk time. If transmitting power is increase, operating time is decreased. Battery can be quickly charged or even changed. Note: Lithium ion batteries should be charged only with chargers made specifically for such batteries.

Emergency strobe light is highly visible under all conditions especially during clear, dark nights. But, generally speaking, if you find yourself in trouble, GPS in combination with DSC is much more useful - especially when programed with an Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) number, one needs only to press the distress button and the Coast Guard will know practically all they need to know in order to make a rescue:

- who you are and your personal data - look, your government probably already knows everything about You, so why don't we let Coast Guard knows something more about us and hopefully save us?! :)

- exactly where you are (because of the on-board GPS - GPS position is sent automatically with distress signal)

- that you need help!

Note: Don't use this unless you really need help!

The Uniden MHS235 marine radio is of a slim design that fits in pocket or palm, with good and comfortable grip that won't slip easily, even when hands are wet. Being 8 inches tall and at 2.25 pounds, radio is easy to handle. LCD screen is easy to read day or night.

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