Attwood Premium Double Braided Nylon Dock Line

attwood-premium-double-braided-nylon-dock-line-1Attwood Premium Double Braided Nylon Dock Line is 3/8 inch (~10mm), 15 feet (~4.5m) rope intended as dock line with good absorption of sudden shock loads.

This rope is made out of three twisted nylon strands with one end spliced. Considering it's thickness, it is very strong rope designed to absorb sudden shock loads which are common for dock lines.

It has good resistance to rot, oils, gasoline and marine growth.

Resistance to abrasion and fray - it could be better. If the dock has no cleats and one has to wrap the rope around a piling, rough surface from the piling could cause the rope to fray. Also, any rough surface in longer contact with the rope could damage the rope - this is issue with the most nylon ropes, not only with this one.

The rope smoothly increases in thickness where the loop is joined and there are no sharp transitions that could snag on something.

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