Norestar Braided Nylon Anchor Rope/Line

norestar-braided-nylon-anchor-rope-lineNorestar Braided Nylon Anchor Rope/Line is good, reliable and versatile nylon rope. It comes in various lengths and sizes and is suitable for may uses, not only for anchoring.

Norestar Braided Nylon Anchor Rope Features

- Professionally spliced stainless steel thimble allows easy attachment of the rope to anchor, shackle, etc.

- Opposite end of rope includes a heat sealed bitter end.

- Constructed from double braided nylon providing for superior strength as well as being easier to handle with hands.

- Ideal for any anchor rode setup but can be used for countless other applications.

- Breaking strength: 11,200 lbs (5/8"), 5200 lbs (1/2"); 5070 kg (16 mm), 2350 kg (12.7 mm).

Rope comes in different lengths: 12.7mm - 91.5m, 16mm - 91.5m and 183m.

anchor-lead-chain-mWhen using this rope for anchoring, it is possible to use it without anchor lead chain, but it will last much longer and your anchor will hold much better if one uses some anchor lead chain (due to its weight, such chain allows anchor to hold much better; also, chain acts as dumper much better than rope alone).

Although ropes can be found in various thicknesses, personally, I don't like ropes thinner than 5/82 (16mm), especially if the ropes are used manually (no electric or hydraulic winches ...) :o)

Rope is pretty much durable, but don't expect miracles when used on sharp rocks and bottoms - it can get damaged and you will soon have rope with reduced strength and general reliability.

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