Fishing Tackle - Baits and Lures

trolling-lure-mprawn-2Baits and lures provoke fish to grab a bait (or lure) and hook itself.

Which baits or lures are used depend on fishing technique, game fish, season and many other factors.

Baits can be live or dead - best baits are live ones like small fish or small crabs, worms and similar. Dead bait can be whole small fish (or crab, worm etc), parts and pieces of fish, crabs, worms etc.

Lures can be made out of natural or synthetic materials - they mimic fish behavior and thus provoke aggressive fish to strike the lure.

Okuma Fishing Tackle Savage Gear Real Eel Prerigged Slow Sinking Lure

okuma eel prerigged lure mOkuma Fishing Tackle Savage Gear Real Eel Prerigged Slow Sinking Lure is a eel-like lure which comes in several sizes and colors. It is prerigged lure with a top hook and bottom treble hook, suitable for fishing various medium to large predatory game fish like striped and largemouth bass, musky, cobia etc.

Bomber Saltwater Grade Badonk-A-Donk High Pitch

silver mulletBomber Saltwater Grade Badonk-A-Donk High Pitch is saltwater lure suitable for topwater action. It comes in numerous colors, three sizes and two pitches (vibration frequency).

Rapala X-Rap Saltwater Fishing Lure

rapala-x-rap-saltwater-fishing-lure-mRapala X-Rap Saltwater Fishing Lures are designed for trolling and casting.

They come in many colors and several sizes. With their shape, color, body movements, sound etc they provoke predatory species to strike the lure.

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