Eagle Claw Balsa Style Oval Fixed Float with 6-Inch Stem, 2 Piece

eagle claw balsa floatsEagle Claw Balsa Style Oval Fixed Float with 6-Inch Stem, 2 Piece is set of 2 fishing floats made out of balsa - classic! Great for fishing for small fish using rod and reel, but also great for handline fishing.

These floats are easily visible even in wavy conditions and signal fish baits very well.

They are great for kids starting to learn how to fish using floats, but more experienced fishermen can use them too.

Why not, after all - when fishing mullets, fantastic specimens can take a bite and then you have a nice fight on your hands :)

Some of the species that one can expect to catch near the shore that are worth 'bragging' :) are (just few examples):

flathead-gray-mullet-1m- Flathead Grey Mullet - Mugil Cephalus

- Golden Grey Mullet - Liza Aurata

sargo-diplodus-sargus-1m- Sargo - Diplodus Sargus

- Sharpsnout Seabream - Diplodus Puntazzo

etc. Of course, there are many other species roaming the shallow shores that can strike the bait.

Long story short - if you need good and cheap floats, consider these. But, if you need plenty of these, there are however cheaper options than this.

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