South Bend Wooden Spring Float

south bend wooden spring floatSouth Bend Wooden Spring Float is a set of two classic balsa floats, suitable for rod and reel fishing, but also for handline fishing from the boat, shore, pier ...

Floats come in various sizes:

golden-grey-mullet-liza-aurata-1m- 3/8 inch - 9.5 mm
- 1/2 inch - 12.7 mm
- 3/4 inch - 19 mm
- 7/8 inch - 22.2 mm
- 1 inch - 25.4 mm

So, choose according to your needs. For example, if you are going after small mullets (great live bait for trolling, for example) around the boats while in harbor, use smaller floats and light tackle.

On the other hand, if you need float to 'hold' that mullet at desired depth, while waiting for some predator to strike, use larger floats.

Few notes about these floats:

- they are made of high quality balsa wood that will last - if they get lost, no harm done, since they are really cheap and often come handy.

- durable crack and chip resistant finish that protects floats when they hit rocks, boat etc. And they will sooner or later hit something. This protection is good, but if you accidentally stand on them on hard surface, I am afraid that it is time to change the float.

- high visibility fluorescent paint provides good visibility during the day and early in the morning and late at the evening. During strong moonlight, they are visible on calm surface, but not far away.

- they are equipped with corrosion resistant spring - if you have time, rinse it with water and dry with some cloth after fishing.

Long story short - great fishing floats at great price. What else to say ...

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