Fishing Tackle - Hooks

hook-1hook-2Hooks come in various sizes and shapes - suitable for various fish species and situations. Sometimes you will need strong and sturdy hooks, while in other situations you will need elastic ones.

Fortunately, most of the hooks these days are made from high quality, very strong steel.

Also, there are many manufacturers and many of them have their own sizing charts.

Enjoy finding proper ones - go out there and catch some fish :o)

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Circle Hook Assortment, Platinum Black

lazer-sharp-circle-hook-set-platinum-black-1mEagle Claw Lazer Sharp Circle Hook Assortment is set of 85 platinum black hooks, that come in 4 different sizes 2/0 - 5/0.

Eagle Claw Hook, Swivel and Sinker Assortment, 75 Piece

eagle claw hook swivel sinker 75 piece setEagle Claw Hook, Swivel and Sinker Assortment is 75 piece fishing set that comes in round, plastic box that can be taken on any fishing trip and can come very handy when needed.

Owner's Cutting Point Octopus Black Chrome Hook

owners-cutting-point-octopus-black-chrome-hook-mOwner's Cutting Point Octopus Black Chrome Hook are sets of very sharp and sturdy J-Shape hooks with slightly bent point.

Gamakatsu Circle Offset Point Octopus Hook-Pack Of 25 (Black)

gamakatsu-circle-offset-point-octopus-hook-pack-of-25-black-mGamakatsu Circle Offset Point Octopus Hooks are little bit pricier fishing hooks, but what you pay is what you get - strong and sharp hooks that can withstand heavy loads.

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