Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Circle Hook Assortment, Platinum Black

laser-sharp-circle-hook-set-platinum-black-1Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Circle Hook Assortment is set of 85 platinum black hooks, that come in 4 different sizes 2/0 - 5/0.

The hooks are of a very good quality. They have a very slight offset, so they are actually not a true circle hooks and not a true offset hooks.

The second largest hooks are very close in size to the largest, but are much thicker and sturdier.

All hooks are very sharp and keep that in mind during handling.

Note: in order to set the circle hook, one has to gently reel the line in. In most cases, hook will set itself in the corner of the mouth.

Since these hooks have slight offset, it is possible for them to set themselves somewhere else - in guts, gills and similar. If you goal is catch-and-release, go for pure circle hooks - these hooks are great for catching fish and in most cases fishes are hooked in proper way that will secure their survival, but in some cases, when these hooks are swallowed with the bait, that slight offset tip can make serious damage to vital organs.

Anyway, when fish strikes, don't strike back - you will probably just pull-out the hook from fish's mouth. Circle hooks need some time to properly set in.

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