Owner's Cutting Point Octopus Black Chrome Hook

owners-cutting-point-octopus-black-chrome-hookOwner's Cutting Point Octopus Black Chrome Hook are sets of very sharp and sturdy J-Shape hooks with slightly bent point.

Generally, these hooks have forged shank and very strong, slightly reversed bent, cutting point (not a needle point!). If you, for some reason, want to remove barb, it will usually bend down without breaking (most of the hook barbs will simply break due to lack of elasticity).

They are available in various hook and packages sizes:

- 1 (51 Per Pack)
- 1/0 (46 Per Pack)
- 10/0 (17 Per Pack)
- 2 (54 Per Pack)
- 2/0 (43 Per Pack)
- 3/0 (40 Per Pack)
- 4 (57 Per Pack)
  - 4/0 (34 Per Pack)
- 5/0 (29 Per Pack)
- 6 (63 Per Pack)
- 6/0 (23 Per Pack)
- 7/0 (19 Per Pack)
- 8 (68 Per Pack)
- 8/0 (17 Per Pack)

Although these hooks are J-Type (Octopus) hooks and they generally require a fishermen to strike in order to set the hook, these hooks have good catch rate, comparable with circle hooks (which requires reeling in, in order to set the hook) - especially when fishing with rod and reel (deep sea fishing, shore fishing, even handline fishing ...).

Long story short - these hooks are comparable with circle hooks, even for longline fishing, they are sturdy and very sharp with good catch rate.

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