American Fishing Wire Surfstrand Copper 1x7 Bare Trolling Wire

American Fishing Wire Surfstrand Copper 1x7 Bare Trolling Wire is uncoated copper fishing line consisting of 7 copper wires - strands. It comes in several lengths and thicknesses, suitable for various situations. 


Copper line comes in several lengths - 300 and 600 feet (91.5 and 183m), and several break test - 30 and 45 pounds (13.6 and 20.4kg).

Although made out of metal, this line is very flexible and corrosion resistant, especially if you wash it with fresh water and dry it, after fishing in seawater.

Kink resistance and surface hardness could be better, but this line is not intended for fishing on large game toothy fish like steel wires - be sure to have your copper line always under tension when fishing.

This line does not stretch, so be sure to spool it on good fishing reel and set initial drag on a low level - after fish is hooked, it is easy to increase the drag and successfully land a fish - that is where a good fishing rod comes to play!

When working with this line, be sure to use proper sleeves and knots suitable for copper wires.

Before reeling the line, check reel capacity since 30 pound line has 0.028 inch (0.71mm) diameter and 45 pound line has 0.037 inch (0.93mm) diameter.

On the other hand, copper lines are much denser than water (almost 9g/cm3 vs 1g/cm3), so deep trolling requires significantly less copper line than other fishing lines. Also, is it because of 'positive ions' or something else in copper, but copper and similar lines have shown that their trolling success rate is higher than trolling rate using monofilament or other similar lines. Just don't use too long fluorocarbon leaders - 10 to 20 feet (3-6m) is more than enough, maybe you should use even shorter line leaders!

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