KastKing SuperPower Blue Braided Fishing Line 500M (547 Yard) / 1000M (1100 Yard) Advanced Superline

KastKing SuperPower Blue Braided Fishing Line 500M (547 Yard) / 1000M (1100 Yard) Advanced Superline comes in various strengths and thicknesses. It is one of the best buy lines suitable for various uses - main reel line, for handline fishing etc.kastking-superpowerbraid-1

KastKing SuperPower Blue Braided Fishing Line Features and Specifications

There are several technical details that are very important for this fishing line:

- this line has great strength to thickness ratio,

- it is very abrasion resistant: great line for fishing around hard covers, such as submerged rocks, wood or weeds,

- it has reduced friction, so it casts farther than other similar braided lines,

- it is made from 100% Dyneema fibers and almost has no spool memory and no stretch even when wet,

- it has great feel and it is ultra-sensitive - great for increased strike detection. Line allows one to feel the bite as soon as the fish touches the bait or lure. This is very important when fishing for species that are very gentle and wary when taking the bait.

kastking-superpowerbraid-2As said before, this is one of the best-buy saltwater fishing lines. There are lines that provide more strength to thickness, that are cheaper per meter of length, that have perhaps more durable surface and similar etc. This line combine all of this in single product - one of my favorite uses is handline trolling in shallows over grass for European Sea Bass and similar aggressive species that sizes sometimes can be very surprising. And yes, handline trolling is not the best way for catching such game fish (rods and reels highly recommended if you are not used to such fishing!), but when you get hooked on handline trolling, you stick to it! :)

This braided fishing line comes in various thicknesses and colors, so anybody can find one that suits his/her needs. Line strength vs. thickness is given in the following table:

KastKing SuperPower Blue Braided Fishing Line Strength and Thickness

10lb (4.5kg) - 0.09mm

12lb (5.5kg) - 0.10mm

15lb (6.8kg) - 0.14mm

20lb (9.1kg) - 0.18mm

25lb (11.4kg) - 0.22mm

30lb (14.1kg) - 0.25mm

40lb (18.2kg) - 0.30mm

50lb (22.7kg) - 0.40mm

65lb (29.6kg) - 0.45mm

80lb (36.4kg) - 0.50mm

Long story short - good strength, good abrasion resistance, acceptable price. Personally, I have never tried this line thinner than 0.40 mm (50 pounds, 22.7 kg), so, keep that in mind.

500/1000m (cca 550/1100 yards) of line per spool gives one opportunity for making rigs without or with very few knots. And knot break resistance is also OK (depends perhaps on knots, but never tested breaking strength of this line for individual knots).

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