Okuma Classic Levelwind Trolling Reel

Okuma Classic Levelwind Trolling Reel is one of the best buy baitcasting reels - it is lightweight, cheap, reliable and if you like baitcasting reels, feel free to consider this one.

okuma classic levelwind trolling reel

Okuma Classic Levelwind Trolling ReelFew notes about this reel:

- lightweight corrosion resistant frame and side plates

- corrosion resistant graphite spools

- stainless steel reel foot

- stainless steel level wind line guide system

- aluminum power handle

- multi-disc rubidium drag system

- self lubricating gear system

- available in three models: CLX-200L, CLX-300L, CLX-450L

- comes with one year warranty

okuma-classic-levelwind-trolling-reel-2This reel is suitable for both mono and braided lines; as with any baitcasting reel, one needs some practice to avoid issues with line. Practically, any combination of line/lure/bait, requires different timing of the thumb on the reel break, but after just several casting, even beginners will have no problems with this reel.

When used for trolling, multi-disc rubidium drag system works flawlessly which helps landing relatively large game fish with reel of this price category - Okuma reels often provide good value for the money spent. Of course, don't go big game fishing with these reels, although with patience and a good rod, anything is possible :)

Although this reel is made out of very good, corrosion resistant materials, it is a good practice to rinse it with fresh water after salt-water fishing - it will last for ages unless abused heavily.

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