Pflueger 4410X Microspin UL Spinning Reel

pflueger4410X-1Pflueger 4410X Microspin UL Spinning Reel, 100-Yard/4-Pound is micro sized, ultra light spinning reel. It is designed for freshwater use - if you use it for fishing in the sea, more maintenance is required.

Pflueger 4410X Specifications

- 4.6:1 ratio, 4 lb max drag, 4 Ball Bearings

- Graphite body and rotor, machined aluminum spool, titanium line roller, rosewood handle knob, spare aluminum spool.

- On/Off anti-reverse, gear ratio: 5.2:1, weight: 6.0 oz

Few Notes:

- this reel is designed for freshwater use. If you use it for saltwater fishing, remember to gently wash it every time after use and to grease it from time to time.

- with proper rod, this is excellent reel for kids, with good smooth retrieve and casting action.

- if you are fishing in the area where larger catch can be expected, maybe you should consider larger/stronger reel, at least after few such fishes are caught - it is durable little reel, but don't expect wonders, OK? :)

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