Bullet Weights Rubber Grip Sinker Kit (45 Pieces)

Bullet Weights Rubber Grip Sinker Kit (45 Pieces) comes in convenient plastic box suitable for carrying around in backpack or tackle box. Rubber grip or rubber core sinkers are suitable for fast weight adjustment of fishing line, without damaging the line.


These sinkers have rubber core and two tabs on each end of the sinker - rubber insert holds sinker in place anywhere on line and they make it easy to move sinker on the line, without retying.

They are great fishing weights for large number of fishing applications where line weight adjustment must be done as quickly as possible - trolling, kite fishing, for longline positioning (especially if baited with live bait) etc.

Kit contains 45 pieces: (21) #000, (10) #00, (6) #0, (5) #1 and (3) #2.

Note: To fix the weight on the line, line is placed in the sinker's groove and then the tabs are twisted in opposite directions, wrapping the line around the rubber core. When the tabs are twisted in reverse, the line is released. Simple as that.

One of the main advantages of rubber core sinkers, when compared with split shot sinkers is that rubber core sinkers don't damage the line in any way. Of course, they are also more expensive than split shot sinkers.

These sinkers hold the line firmly, but this holding could be better - when setting the hook with rod strike, some movement of these weights could happen. On the other hand, they are really gently to the fishing lines, regardless if they are positioned on braided fishing lines, mono lines, fluorocarbon etc. lines.

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