Eagle Claw Split Shot Sinker Assortment

Eagle Claw Split Shot Sinker Assortment is set of 78 or 124 split shot fishing sinkers. Sinkers come in plastic selector case and in different sizes.


This is set of classic split shot fishing lead sinkers - use them as required to add weight to the fishing line and position lures or baits where needed. Lead is soft and when added gently, these sinkers will not damage fishing lines.

However, they are much more 'aggressive' toward fishing lines than rubber core fishing weights. Although they can be removed, if one is careful, rubber core sinkers can be removed in no time with almost no danger at all to fishing lines.

On the other hand, these split shot sinkers are much cheaper and when position properly, will not move at all, even when setting the hooks with strong fishing rod strikes.

Note: the largest pieces can have problems popping out of the exit hole - fortunately, carrying case can be opened and closed again, but this can be very frustrating when in hurry.

Long story short - highly recommended set of sinkers in nice carrying case. If you need to add AND remove fishing weights often, perhaps you should consider rubber core fishing sinkers.

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