Spears, Spearguns, Bows, Crossbows

bladecrossbow-1Spearguns, bows and crossbows are used for launching or firing a spear/arrow into the fish or any other prey that fishermen can find under, on or above water. Also, spears can be hand thrown and that requires plenty of practice.

For more information about these topics, feel free to check Bowfishing and Spearfishing articles (links open in the new windows).

Reviews and recommendations of various spears, spearguns, bows, crossbows etc. can be found below.

Please note that we do use affiliate links toward various other sites, mostly Amazon. That doesn't mean that we would write a good review of something that we feel is worthless - we write what we think and our readers should draw their own conclusions. After all, if we like something, that doesn't mean that others will like it - other way around, if don't like something, there is always somebody somewhere that will like that piece of equipment.

Be safe - these things are made for killing fish and other organisms and they can hurt or even kill humans and make considerable damage to property.

United Cutlery UC2961 United M48 Talon Survival Spear with Sheath

m48-talon-survival-spear-1mUnited Cutlery UC2961 United M48 Talon Survival Spear with Sheath is interesting piece of outdoor equipment that can come handy. This spear is real-deal, not a toy. However, if you can picture yourself fighting bears and similar animals with this spear, forget it and stay at home and continue to watch TV.

Cressi Geronimo Elite Speargun

cressi-geronimo-elite-speargun-1mCressi Geronimo Elite Speargun is good and reliable speargun equipped with a reel line and many other interesting features. Although it can be equipped with two rubber bands, it is still rather quiet gun.

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