Cressi Geronimo Elite Speargun

Cressi Geronimo Elite Speargun is good and reliable speargun equipped with a reel line and many other interesting features. Although it can be equipped with two rubber bands, it is still rather quiet gun.


Speargun comes in several sizes: 85cm (33.5 inches), 95cm (37.5 inches), 105cm (41.3 inches) and 115cm (45 inches). Longer the speargun, longer the effective range, higher the price and harder to maneuver in tight spaces.

Cressi Geronimo Elite Speargun Features

Ergonomic adjustable grip: this can be personalized and individually adjusted depending on hand shape and size, glove thickness, preferences in the tilt of the barrel. Because it is designed to draw back the release mechanism as far as possible, longer elastic bands and barrels can be used.


Line release and safety catch: the line release does not stop the spear and can be placed on right or left making it suitable for left-handed users as well.

Variable section barrel: made from corrosion-free, hydro formed and heat-treated material, with incorporated spear-rail saddle, it is an excellent combination of hydrodynamics, balance and firmness, outclassing even carbon models.

Black flange shaft: made out of the Swedish steel, 6.25 mm shaft is heat treated and helps firing precision thanks to a kickback-proof flange housed in the template of the actual shaft and to hook notches optimized for the new bow.

Muzzle with three possibilities for use: brand new pivoting bow system that disappears completely when lowered for a perfect aim blocks the shaft against the barrel up to the moment when the gun is fired, exploiting the tension of the elastic bands, and preventing irritating vibrations.


It is also possible to add another circular band to increase power - or if it is little bit too much for you, use only one circular band on the speargun.



Few notes:

- even if using single rubber band, this is still very strong speargun.

- it uses Hawaiian spear shaft, since it is intended for medium to large fish. If you are going to use it for smaller fish, use weaker bands and various tips according to the intended catch.

- if you are going after really large prey, use threaded spears with 'break-away' tips (not to be confused with 'break-away' rigs where the spear shafts are connected directly to the buoys) and plenty of retrieving line.

- some people have issues with the noise of this gun and have problems with spear not locking into the trigger housing. First, be sure to have the trigger housing clean from any particles, sand included. Also, be sure that a crimp used for attaching the line to the end of the spear is not interfering in any way.

- generally, gun is very accurate and consistent, well balanced and relatively easy to use.

- long story short - nice intermediate speargun.

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