United Cutlery UC2961 United M48 Talon Survival Spear with Sheath

m48-talon-survival-spear-2United Cutlery UC2961 United M48 Talon Survival Spear with Sheath is interesting piece of outdoor equipment that can come handy. This spear is real-deal, not a toy. However, if you can picture yourself fighting bears and similar animals with this spear, forget it and stay at home and continue to watch TV.

 On the other hand, this spear can come handy in many situations. First of all, some specifications:

- spear has 8 inch (20 cm) blade, edge is plain (not serrated), very sharp. Edge retention is OK, but don't hit rocks and similar objects with it.

- blade is made out of 2Cr13 stainless steel. 2Cr13 is type of steel very similar to 420 stainless - it has 12-14% chromium and low amounts of carbon. It is decent steel for this application and it will do its job - stay sharp, hold the edge, will not break easily, will not rust and similar. Of course, don't compare it mechanically with D2 and similar steals :)

- 44 and 1/8 inch (112 cm) overall length. Decent length for a close combat spear, little bit short for throwing, but too short as a walking spear/stick even for shorter people.

- 30% fiberglass reinforced nylon handle. Handle is strong and durable, but if you are going to use it as a walking stick/aid, be sure to add some sort of protection to the lower end in the form of metal cap, otherwise, you could end up with damaged spear handle (lower end).

- includes TPR snap sheath. Sheath is good looking and hold its position very well. However, if you plan on using this spear in some sort of Martial Art practice, be very careful that sheath is firmly on - actually, I don't recommend anything like this, but ...

If you prefer fishing from the boat, I am not sure that you will need this spear. If you like shore fishing and you go on fishing trips in wilderness that lasts for days, this spear might be something that can come handy.

First of all, if you think that you will successfully defend your self from a hungry bear, well, I am not so sure. First of all, if you are attacked by the bear, it is better to have this spear, than be empty handed :) But, if you are going to the area where bear encounters are frequent, get yourself a good bear deterrent spray and read the instructions before the trip (or even better, test one for practice). Btw, if the bear comes toward you and he/she looks angry (don't worry, you will realize if the bear is hungry/angry or not easily), just throw some fish in front of him and then walk away without rising your voice, without waving hands etc.

Remember that bear is faster, stronger, more agile and better fighter than humans. But, they are also very smart - they will rather eat fish in front of them, than chase you and risk injuries :)

Long story short: don't feed wild animals and if you encounter bear, use bear deterrent spray, or just let him eat your fish. If the bear comes after you, you will 'like' this spear's thrusting and slashing capabilities, which are great - just stay as cool-headed as possible. Now, back to this nice spear :)

This spear is not very good for trowing to the distance - it is well balanced, but heavy. Handle is thick and can withstand some punishment due to strength and flexibility. Even if you add metal cap to protect lower end while walking, spear will still be well balanced for throws, but it is suitable and accurate only on short distances.

For fishing in sandy lagoons on mullets and similar species, it is better to use spear with three or more barbed tines/prongs. For fishing flatfish species in shallows, it is very good - just be sure not to pull it out right away after fish is speared. Instead, hold fish with one hand and spear with other hand - again, barbed multi-tine spear is much better. But, it doesn't look this cool :)

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